Scent lok or under armour? Which is better?


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    Scent lok or under armour? Which is better?

    I'm debating on whether or not to buy scent lok or under armour. I've heard good things on both. The price is very close in give me your thoughts?

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    Under Armour, simply because its a better piece of clothing and will last FOREVER! Scent Lok, you are paying more for the name than any type of performance garmet. Under Armour makes some damn good clothing, but you pay for that. Dont worry about the scent killing factors, its not worth the money you pay for it. Just stand in front of camp fire smoke for a few minutes before going hunting and you will be good to go.

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    Under armour ayton and capture suits are both great. I use the capture down to 20 degrees and then switch to the ayton. These are great clothing sets.
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    Ok so what do y'all think about the new ridge reaper series?

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    I have the under armor ridge reaper suit and the scent lok full season suit. I like the full season suit better.

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    So of the three under armour series which is more suitable for weather that varies between high 40's to low 20's? Occasional wind gusts and rain/snow? I'm just curious because I hunt with a buddy that swears by scent lok, and I have my eyes on under armour. I want to know that if I'm gonna spend that kind of cash whether or not it's worth it.

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    Under Armour is much more durable .
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    Does anyone have the pros and cons of the ridge reaper series

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    I have scent lok and love it the only tbinv i dont like about it is my pa.ts have some kinda hard stuff all and idk wbat it is its very aggrivating
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    Sitka is the best!
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    So the ayton fleece is warm enough for cold days?

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    UA's warmest gear is the Derecho series. Places are closing them out for close to half price now. Second to the Derecho is the Ayton series. Both are great sets of camo. Ayton is a little warm to walk to my stand, so I wind up throwing the zip up hoodie on my pack and putting it on once in stand. I could sit in some cold ass weather with the Ayton stuff, properly layered. The Ridge Reaper series is a lighter set of camo. It is really made for spot and stalk run and gun type of hunting, not for walking 200 yards to your stand and sitting there (unless it's early season, down to about 50 I'd say). The UA stuff is well made, seems like it will last a while.

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    Under Armour hands down

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    A really good place to find unbiased reviews on both Under Armour and Scent-Lok is the product review pages on both the Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops websites. Here are the links to check them out. Safe and happy hunting!

    Cabela's product reviews for Scent-Lok

    Bass Pro Reviews for Under Armour and Scent-Lok

    These are just a few of what's available online. Hope this helps.

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