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    Hello. first off I'm a male and I hope this doesn't come off wrong.

    My wife just got her first bow and I have it setup for her..... problem is, when she is at full draw the string pushes into the side of her left breast. Is this normal? I wouldn't think you would want anything touching the string but I don't know of a way around it for her.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Sounds like her draw length is too long. A picture of her at full draw would be great and would help determine what the problem may be. Being large chested may pose a problem, but she would have to be very large chested. Double check her draw length, as I'm pretty sure thats the problem.

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    Have to agree with luverofthebow.....yup...check draw lenght

    Most new shooters don't know how the bow's is supposed to fit, nor do they often stand correctly,, so check her stance and make corrections if necessary.

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