Limb Problem on a Bear Carnage


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    Limb Problem on a Bear Carnage

    I am considring a Bear Carnage but I heard from one of the shops I go to that they are having problems with limb breakage. Anyone out there experiencing this?

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    my dad has one and he has not had any issues

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    I shoot a truth 2 and never had any problems but i could see why they would have problems. i would see more limbs slipping out when they are about half backed out or more rather than breaking especially if they use the same limb pocket as the truth 2.

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    I have had no problems with mine.

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    Is that shop a Bear dealer? If not they may just be trying to put you into one of their bows. This is the first I have heard of any limb problems on a Carnage. If there was a serious problem with the limbs I'm sure we would have heard more about it by now.

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    no problems even with someone accidentally dry firing it.. great bow

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    Bear Limbs

    Bear is one of the few companies that has a good track record on their limbs; even in the day of the 'WHITETAIL 2" did anyone hear of limbs breaking that much; don't know the shop that you are hearing this from but I believe that they may not know what they are talking about.

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    I got one a few months ago and have at least 1,000 shots or more through it with no problems. I would think the only problems with limb breakage would come from someone trying to press it in a press that is not approved by bear or approved for beyond parallel bow limbs.

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