***2011 Firenock Test/Review***


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    ***2011 Firenock Test/Review***

    PM with any questions you may have on the nocks.

    2011 FireNock Test
    Well for this year I decided to participate in the firenock test. I work at Scheels Sports so I was very curious to test a few different nocks and see which one performed the best. That way I would be able to tell customers what I thought about the different nocks and this way I could actually say I had used the nock and tell them about the whole test. At our shop we carry nocturnals, lumenoks, and tracers. For this test I decided to use the red nocturnal, orange lumenok, and obviously the red firenock. I went ahead and ordered some firenocks straight from www.firenock.com and bought a pack of the nocturnal and and lumenoks from work. The price for each was as follows.
    Lumenock- $12.99 per nock ( available in green and orange)
    Nocturnal- $14.99 per pack or 2 (available in green or red)
    Firenock- $55.95 for pack of 3 nocks +$9.95 for shock endcaps=$65.90/3 nocks=$21.96 per nock. (available in a lot of different colors)

    OK, so the challenge was as follows.
    1 )You have to shoot each lighted nock no less than 100 times in the following way, unless it dies before the 100th shot (note that in the report/review).
    2) Shoot 25 shots at target day 1
    3) Shoot 24 shots at target day 2
    4) Shoot 1 shot at target and let lit on target for a week.
    5) Replace battery and shot for 25 shots day 8 (Note if the battery are not replaceable and stop the test here.)
    6) Soak the arrows in tap water for no less than 24 hours, day 9
    7) Shoot 24 shots on day 10
    8) Optional, shot 1 shot into cinder block to see how durable the nock is

    Lumenok- Took it out of the package and put it in my arrow.
    Nocturnal- Took it right out of the package and put right into my arrow.
    Firenock- Some assembly required. Well actually a lot. Its very simple to put the nock together so its not a big deal. Once you put the nock together you have to superglue a Shock end cap into the nock end of your arrow which keeps the battery from coming outta the nock if you hit something hard. Putting this shock end cap into the arrow was simple. You just put it onto the depth checking device that is provided and put a bit of superglue on the cap and stick it in and let it dry. Alittle bit of the super glue did seep around the cap which caused the nock itself to fit alittle tight but I just took a wife brush and cleaned the glue out and it fit perfect.

    First day
    I Shot all 3 nocks 25 times.
    Lumenok- easy to turn on and off. Worked flawlessly
    Nocturnal- Alittle harder than the lumenoks and firenocks to turn off due to the fact that you have to have something sharp and pointy to stick into the reset hole to push the colored piece up. Worked flawlessly for all 25 shots.
    Firenock- This nock I think is probably the easiest to turn on and off outta all of them. All you have to do is bounce the nock end of the arrow onto something hard and it just turns right off. Super easy on and off. The firenock also worked very flawlessly after the first day.

    Second Day
    I shot all three nocks 24 and left the nock on after the 25th shot.
    Lumenok- again worked flawlessly. Alittle less bright after the total of 50 shots.
    Nocturnal- again worked flawlessly also. The reset hole and the little colored piece in the inside of the nock are getting chewed up a bit from sticking my knife blade in to turn them off.
    Firenock- The nock worked flawlessly. Super easy to turn on and off and no wear like on the nocturnal.

    Third Day (leave on for a week)
    Lumenok- A little bit dimmer than the second day but not much.
    Nocturnal-Also a little dimmer but not much at all.
    Firenock- Not noticeably dimmer than outta the package.

    Fourth Day
    Lumenok- A little bit dimmer than on day 3.
    Nocturnal- Also a bit dimmer than on day 3. Id say a bit dimmer than the lumenok.
    Firenock- Not much dimmer at all. Still very bright.

    Fifth Day
    Lumenok- Noticeably dimmer than day 4.
    Nocturnal- almost dead. Wouldn’t even see it out in the woods. We will consider this one out.
    Firenock- Alittle dimmer but still Plenty Bright.

    Sixth Day
    Lumenok- Dead, must of died over night. We will consider this one out also.
    Nocturnal- OUT
    Firenock- Dimmer than day 5. Still noticeable in the woods no problem

    Seventh Day
    Firenock-Dimmer than day 6 for sure. Getting pretty dim. Could possibly still see it in the woods.

    Eighth Day
    Firenock- Died over night. We will consider this one out. Now to replace the battery.

    Ninth Day ( since none of the nocks lasted to the 9th day during the week challenge we will jump to shooting)Lumenok- Battery isn’t replaceable in this nock so this is the end of the testing for this nock.
    Nocturnal- Battery is also not replaceable for this nock so this is the end of the test.
    Firenock- Battery is replaceable on this nock. Replacing batteries on this nock is very simple I thought. I shot another 25 times with this nock and didn’t have a problem at all with it, worked flawless.

    Tenth Day (soak in tap water)
    Lumenok- OUT
    Nocturnal- OUT
    Firenock- Put the nock in the water. Made sure it turned on and off before I put it in and nock worked perfect.

    Eleventh Day

    Lumenok- OUT
    Nocturnal- OUT
    Firenock-Took the nock outta the water and bounced it on the counter and it worked perfect. Shot another 24 times and it worked flawlessly. This nock is bullet proof.

    Overall the firenock defently proved to be the superior nock to the rest. It preformed flawlessly the whole time and I was able to replace the battery so I could finish the test. The battery also lasted quite a bit longer than the other 2 nocks. It does weigh more than the other two nocks also. Even though the nocks are super spendy. They are very high quality and work flawless. Only down side I see to them is their weight and having to put the shock end cap into your arrow. That adds extra weight and also like I said above the super glue seeped around the cap and made the fit of the nock alittle tight.
    The lumenok worked great the whole time also except for not being able to replace the battery on it. I know you can get the lumenoks with replaceable batteries but im not a big fan of them because the battery inside rattles quite a bit.
    Last but not least the nocturnal. The nock worked great also. Turning it off all the time puts pretty good cuts into the inside the nock but when you use the nock for hunting you only turn it off once or maybe twice if you use the nock again. Over all it worked good.
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    good review. even though the firenocks are more expensive, all you have to do is change the battery for it to be good again. Sounds like you need to buy a whole new nock if you want to use the others. I'm considering buying a couple for next year.

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    Thanks for the review, lots of time spent. Just a thought, even though the lumenock and nocturnal died in the first week, it would have been interesting to see how they preformed after soaking in the water. As you stated, if used for hunting, there would not be a lot of turning on and off, but if you hunt in wet weather it would be nice to know if the nock will even work for you.

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    Not just able to change the battery.
    Firenock actually has 2 different batteries for high and low temperature ratings
    Up to 3 different computer you can field replace
    Target: auto shut off after 17 seconds
    Hunting: with high power battery, can stay bright up to 5 days then go to dim mode up to 6 weeks at about 30F and up to 6 months at -3F
    Blinking: stay bright and sold for 6 seconds and blink for 10 days in red or 21 days in green with high power battery in room temperature
    Up to 9 different color of Nocks per style you can field replace
    Up to 10 different styles of nock you can field replace

    And with our hydro system it is also IPX8 rated: 30 days at 66ft under salt water with no issue.
    Dorge O Huang Hidden Content Tel: (815) 780-1695 C: (708) 267-0474
    Operating Manager of Firenock LLC, The Most Advanced Lighted Nock® Company • URL: Hidden Content • Web Store: Hidden Content
    Maker of Firenock®, Aerovane®, Aerovane® Jig, AeroRest™, APS, PAPS, AeroPoint™ with FACT™(Firenock Arrow Concentric Technology), AeroInsert™, ACT, CTI, AeroOutsert™, AeroBolt™, AeroBushing™, AeroConcept™, AeroBowString Jig, Traumahawk™, Dagger™, and Hydro® systems.

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    Hey Twinsfan, I tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full.

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