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    N Florida Rut

    Can somebody tell me when the rut starts in N Florida.

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    The deer in North Florida rut? Well, I wouldn't really call it a rut - but I have been to the midwest during the rut and the rut here in North Florida does not compare. But to answer your question, anywhere from Mid-December to the end of February depending on location. It can vary from one location to the next and could be affected by the herd. I think FWC may have a map on their website that gives a general idea according to their research - www.myfwc.com.
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    If you are in North Central Florida like me they rut in October usually the last two weeks and then again every 28 days afterwards until February.
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    In Gadsden County it is usually the week of Christmas to New years give or take a week. And QDM is right, if you blink you may miss the rut. Our buck/doe ratio is so out of whack I believe the bucks could care less if another buck is around, theres plenty of does to go around.
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    I'm with QDM "the deer rut in N FL?" lived here my whole life and have never really seen any rutting action.
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    don't put all your trust in the calander on fwc's website, the put the peak rut date for where I hunt as August 10th by the time the area i was hunting opened on August 6th the rut was already over..... ask locals or the biologist at the gate to where youre hunting
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