2011 Martin Onza 3 -55-70# RH - Carbon Color - Complete Set Up


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    2011 Martin Onza 3 -55-70# RH - Carbon Color - Complete Set Up

    Ok everyone here is my baby for sale. I work at a Archery shop so I get the priveledge of shooting, owning, and losing my ass ($$) on a lot of bows I picked this bow as my personal shooter and would honestly put it up against any bow on the market. I know martin isnt known as the best, but they invented the bridged riser and let hoyt run with it for awhile but now finally got one right with this one. Its FAST, quick, balences better than any bow Ive ever held, and is a full sized bow offering super accuracy.

    1. The strings are brand new strings (match factory strings).
    2. QAD LD drop away (80$)
    3. Tru Glow sight with adjustable light, full fiber optic wraps, quick detach, and micro adjust (119$)
    4. a very nice stabalizer(50$)
    5. matching catwhiskers, peep, dloop etc.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    As a archery tech, you can imagine how well Ive treated this bow. The cams are tuned and timed perfectly the bow papers tunes PERFECT and is a pleasure to shootI currently have the bow set at 28" but could adjust it before I send it, I also have it at 60# and that too would be an easy adjustment.

    I am asking 599$ + shipping and paypal fees for the bow and Ill throw in a release if needed. IF the buyer is going to be 28" draw or less. I have Fourteen Carbon Express Cheetah arrows and field points I will include for only 50$. WARNING THE ARROWS MUST BE SHOT AT 64lbs or less, or at your own risk (5 grains per draw lb)

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    am I priced too high?

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    make me an offer

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    This is one of the best bows I have ever shot/owned... Very comfortable and forgiving... Excellent price to boot!!!
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    thanks for the bump

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    guess a martin ad doesnt stand up against all of these pro series pse's, hoyts, and z7s!

    Last BUMP

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    Any chance of getting a few pics sent to my cell# 15858084178. Thanks

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    pics sent. Thanks!

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    PM sent

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    replies being sent!

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    would you take 4 if you took the excesseries off

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    I would take 440 bare bow. You have to eat shipping and/or paypal fees depending on how you want to pay.

    Let me know text (903) 574-0299 or message me through here.

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    trade? alphamax 35? pm if interested.

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    As mentioned I work at a bow shop, so trading just doesnt make sense. Thanks though

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    i thought this bow was single cam on this one it is duel

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    Can this bow adjust to 30"

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    Sweet Ride, Martin gets no respect. How fast you shooting those Cheetahs?

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    This bow is dual cam...it has nitro cams. (Binary's) Great cams, great back wall, good valley, high let off.

    Yes this does go to 30"..buy the bow and i can set it at 30 before I ship it.

    61lbs on 28" 320 on a good day. 318ish usually

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    anybody want more pictures?

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    440 bare bow shipped,
    595 package shipped with 8 cheetahs (if your drawlength is 28" or less)

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    Still have that? drop me a PM

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    Still have it? Does it goe to 27" draw length?

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    Bump for sweet looking bow.

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