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Thread: Broadhead vs. Field Point tuning

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    Broadhead vs. Field Point tuning

    I have my bow tuned in to where I can shoot my broadheads (Muzzys) to hit about an inch or 2 left of my field points. It seems I can't get them any better than that. When I first started my broadheads were hitting 4inch to the left and 4 inch low from my field point. I adjusted my dropaway rest and have my vertical good but still a little to the left. I adjusted it about 2 marks (5 different times going a little each time) and I still shoot just an inch or 2 to the left. I have 5 arrows loaded with broadheads and they shoot extactly the same each time. I spun tested them on a table top with the point down and I seen no wobble whatsoever. I shot 20, 30, 40yards and my broadheads and field points seem to land centered of my target but the broadheads are just a little to the left. Now As far as human error yea there may be some, but I've shot and shot and shot and this is consistently the same. @ 30yrds I can group my field points within 3" consistently and my broadheads just off to the left.

    Any suggestions? I want them spot on, but apparently this isn't possible?? I've also moved the rest a little farther but then my center shot is out of whack.

    I'm shootin a Bowtech Assassain 68lbs with a QAD Dropaway rest and 28" Easton Flatline 340's.


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    Review the sticky at the top of this forum regrading broadhead tuning. It has all you need.

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    It's possible to get them together. You are very close and it may one or a combination of things. Sounds like you shoot pretty well but it could be a little torque in the grip from your bow hand, your draw length being off a fraction of an inch can through things out of alignment, could be you have a little bit of cam lean...ect. Probably something very subtle. Have you tried bare shaft tuning?

    If you are an inch or two left at forty yards that's pretty good. If everything is right, BH and field points will hit together but there are lots of little things that can introduce a little error. Most people can't shoot well enough to tell if their BH are hitting two inches out at forty yards...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomerzuma View Post
    Review the sticky at the top of this forum regrading broadhead tuning. It has all you need.
    The sticky thread does have very good information. But it assumes that your arrows are perfectly matched to your bow. I recently experienced almost your exact situation. I bought a new bow about a month ago and am using the arrows that worked great with my old bow. Turns out that my arrows are too stiff-spined for the faster new bow. I have gone to a heavier point and that has solved almost all my problems. I am by no means any sort of authority on this subject, but it could be that your spines are not matched to your bow. You might try to find the thread I started last week (or before) entitled, "My odd and frustrating experience trying to broadhead tune." I did receive lots of very good input there. Much of it may apply to you. Best wishes.
    Have a great day.

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