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    >>-----------> Darton Tempest for Sale or trade >>---------->

    I have a Darton Tempest for sale. This has been one sweet and very reliable bow for me. I live in Iowa now, so need to sell it to put the funds towards a slug gun.
    This bow will go from 28" to 30" on the cam, just need a bow press to change it. It's 50 - 60 lbs, and the camo is Realtree HD. It comes with a year old 4 pin Cobra Boomslang (.29 pins) in matching camo, a year old camo Ripcord arrow rest, and a STS string stop. I just replaced the strings and cables this spring with a new set from Twisted Archer. They are green and mountain berry in color and they are very nice. We shot this through a chronograph with the new strings. At 60 lbs with my 374 grain hunting arrow, we got 264 fps. At 60 lbs and a 300 grain arrow, we got an average of 297 fps. Will sell entire setup for $400. If you're wanting to get started in archery or wanting a very reliable back up ....... THEN THIS IS THE BOW FOR YOU!!!!! PM me with any questions. Also interested in trades with the same specs as my bow, especially Diamond Black Ice, Quest Smoke, PSE Vendetta, ..... shoot me some offers. Thanks for looking!!
    Darton Tempest #1.jpgDarton Tempest #2.jpgDarton Tempest #3.jpgDarton Tempest #4.jpgDarton Tempest #6.jpgDarton Tempest #5.jpg

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    Sweet shooting bow here. It's calling someones name.................. is it you??????

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    All pm's amswered, keep em coming!!

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    All pm's answered. Have a possible trade pending ....... waiting to hear back.

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    Deal fell through due to some bad luck on the other end. Glad he wasn't hurt!!!

    Soooooo, this bow is back up and still ready to hunt.

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    This bow shots great , i know for fact ,i shoot it my self , good person to deal with.

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    Thanks Steve!!!!

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    All pm's answered ....... getting some interesting offers, keep them coming!!

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    All pm's answered. Getting lots of inquiry's, but no takers yet..........

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    Christmas is just around the corner, this would be a great gift for someone special!!!

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    Turkey day bump!!!

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    Been awhile since I had any interest. Going to close the thread for now. If some is still interested, shoot me a pm. Thanks

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