DIY yellow jacket target holder from PVC pipe


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    DIY yellow jacket target holder from PVC pipe

    I wanted to setup a 20 yard range in my yard and have the perfect hilly backstop, but did not want to just set the yellow jacket target on the ground. So, I went to home depot and grabbed 2x10' of 1 1/4 PVC pipe and a 2 90 degree PVC curves and 5 PVC 3 ways and a 3 metal adjustable eyelet hooks and built this guy up literally in about 30 minutes for $28. I had no plans, just winged it as I went along as this kind of stuff is pretty easy to whip up.

    It works perfect & is totally stable and very strong. I even added, you will see, a little kicker brace on the lower cross beam. This allows me to either push it into the ground or in this case, put it up against a stump, so I can further stabilize the target - that piece is still rotatable to move up/down. Heck, I could also use that to make an umbrella stand over the target I figured up. I also glued up all the vertical pieces and left the 2 cross brace horizontal pieces free so I could break this down if I wanted and travel with it. The 3 metal hooks also allow for a bit of leveling of the target so to speak

    Next steps will be to paint it and add some caps to the feet to better finish it off.
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    Looks Good. Great way to get target off ground @ a cheap price.

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    looks great i have made several like it over the years and they work out great.

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    I really like the idea, I am not a fan of having my target right on the ground either. I have been working on the stacked cardbord version lately. I will post some pics up when i get a chance.

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    I like it. Tag
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    I've made several of these with one minor variation. I didn't glue the bottom T (in the foot) but rather drilled a set of holes through foot perpendicular to the foot. Then drilled two sets of holes through the bottom of the leg, one set inline with the holes in the foot and one see opposite those holes. The I inserted lock pin through the holes to keep the foot straight. When I want to store the stand I can fold the feet parallel to the rest of the stand so it hangs flat against the wall. I hope that makes sense.
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