difference between black widow recurve models?


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    difference between black widow recurve models?

    Hi all,
    What is the difference between the black widow PMA, PSA and PCH takedown models?
    I will call them monday but was curious for now

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    The PMA has a longer sight window than the PSA. The PCH has a shorter riser than the the other two models

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    The PMA has a 18" riser the PSA has a 16" riser and the PCH has a 14" riser

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks guys
    Looking to get a 62" bow for a 28" draw. sounds like the PMA or PSA is what I'm after.
    Thanks again

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    Wanted to bring this thread back to life.......... for you widow owners what did you find for your own use and favoritism regarding these riser length differances....... ie what did/do you prefer and why? this might help me make my own decision beings that I do not live anywhere close the the widow headquarters

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    I personally preferred the PSR, because of it's classic 50's style looks and feel. As far as the other risers, keep in mind they are heavy risers, I couldn't get used to the riser weight after a while. So if you consider the PMA, PSA and PCH consider that the longer riser will be heavier than the others. You might also want to wait till January when they are supposed to introduce a new bow to the line.

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    Kbob - go 64" you won't be sorry - either a Black Widow PMA or an ILF rig - personally - I like the Tradtech Pinnacle riser with the long limbs - I shoot that more accurately than any of my previous bows - including my 3 Black Widows. You can get a Tradtech Pinnacle riser with the Extreme BF limbs - the top of the line limbs used in Olympic rigs for less than a Widow and if you want you can buy a set of ILF longbow limbs for that riser too - and have two bows.

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    Go to there website!!! EVERYTHINGS THERE.

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