Decided to take advantage of the break in the rain and quit loading up animals 2-by-2 and building my big boat for them I used the time to broadhead tune for the 2007-2008 Hunting Season...before somebody starts seeing Rut activity next week
I decided to post the sequence of events here to help out those that have never done this before or for those that tried and got frustrated. This is just how I did it.

Martin Slayer Xtreme 28.5" DynaCam 65# SouthPaw Version (Left-Hand)
Trophy Taker Original Drop-Away
Winners Choice 452x string/cable
6" Fuse Axium Stabilizer
Sword 3rd Axis Micro-Apex 0.010" pins
Carbon Express Maxima 350 with bull-dog collars and 2 inch Blazer vanes
G5 Striker 100 grain broadheads

Shot distance 25 yards
Target Rinehart 18-1

Shafts were cut on an Apple Arrow Saw and squared using a G5 ASD (Arrow squaring Device) carbon cutter side on both the cut end and nock ends. Inserts were installed and inserts were squared with aluminum side of cutter on G5 ASD. Shafts were fletched with 3 Original Blazer Vanes (2 inch) on a Bitz jig Right helical clamp.