Muddy Hunter hang on


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    Muddy Hunter hang on

    What do you guys think of these stands? I am thinking about ordering a couple... Any one have muddy stands? Do you like them?

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    Solid, well made, comfortable and affordable IMO. I think you will be satisfied.

    Good luck.

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    I have the Muddy Hunter. These are my random thoughts on the stand. Sturdy and comfy...feels very solid in the tree. Very well built. Platform is a little narrow unless your at the wide end. The tree cleat is sharp as hell and will cut you. The ratchet strap feels cheap and is noisy. Seems heavier than advertised but haven't weighed it. Aluminum grid is nicer than I expected. The leveling features are nice but not the best out there. The seat sits higher than my other stands and it seems like it could get uncomfortable if it weren't for the footrest. I'm 5'11". Overall, I'd say I'm happy with it. Not too many sits on it yet.

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