Grim Reaper.......resharpening?


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    Question Grim Reaper.......resharpening?

    I wonder if anybody has tried or had success resharpening grim reaper blades? Any info would be much appreciated.
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    I have not tried to resharpen the blades but have bought the replacement blade kit which is easy to do. There are some people that have used the same head on 2-3 different deer. I prefer to change blades after each kill.

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    I've resharpened them with a kme broadhead sharpener and a series of waterstones. Unless they are bent or nicked I don't have a problem resharpening any blades.

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    Smith's bh sharpener works ok for me.

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    i took mine apart and wish i didn't after my stroke i can't get them back together so buying replacement blade is the deal fo me i got them sharp but can't get the little ring in the little holes. my left hand was paralyzed from my stroke.
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