Fury X Archery and Stage 1 strings


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    Thumbs up Fury X Archery and Stage 1 strings

    I couldn't tune my Z7 to save my life..I thought i was loosing my mind chasing Slick Tricks all over!! I went to my "local archery shop" with my STs, my "local" archery shop told me that my bow"just docent like STs" and that i might have a case of LOFT- HAHA..thats BS...So I sent my Mathews Z7 to Fury X archery. I had given up all hope! Well Wes is the MAN at what he does. He figured out that my arrow had "fake blazers" on them and they where not stearing my broadheads or something to that effect...Also my knock was high and a few other things where way off! Hmm thats why i was chasing my broadheads all over the place!!!!
    Well i got my bow back the other day and its AMAZING. Its quieter, smoother, and now i have golf ball sized groups at 40 yards with Grizztricks!!! Its like a new bow! Not to mention i have an awesome looking string with no more crappy peep rotation!!A Huge Thank You to Wes Vanhorn and his shop!!

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    Glad Wes got you straightened out. He has always been one of the best !
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    Nothing but good to say about Wes' strings and tuning. He reeally nows his stuff.
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    Cant praise Wes enough....hes made the strings and tuned my last two bows, 09 z28 and 10 Infinity, and I can tell you NO one touches my bow but him now!

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    I had a GTO he did a few years ago but I was stupid and sold it! Man do I wish I had it back. After I got the bow back from him it was unreal how much change I could see in performance and feel. I saw it on here the other day but it sold before I could buy it. After 5 different owners behind me the bow still had his strings on it and they looked like they were still in fair to real good shape.

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    I have been having some peep sight rotation problems. Time for a new string. I have a good quality string on the bow that was new last year. It has just started to slip and can be real annoying. Time for a tune up.
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    I had the same issue and Wes hooked me up!
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    Great bow shop and strings he has. Those guys know there stuff and great people always wanting to help out.
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