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Thread: REMINDER: NO Selling, Trading, Advertising any products in this section.

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    REMINDER: NO Selling, Trading, Advertising any products in this section.

    Just a reminder to our newer members that selling or trading is not allowed on this forum. You must be a ArcheryTalk Sponsor to advertise and have Active links to your websites. Threads Selling or WTB or have active links will be deleted. If you would like more info on the AT Sponsorship possibilities please contact Shawn.
    Folks selling Strength training gear or diet merchandise...need to be a sponsor. I will delete your thread if you circumvent the AT rules. Spammers will be deleted.
    Items for sale must meet AT criteria and be posted in the appropriate category in the Classifieds section. Please refer to the AT classifieds rules for more info.

    Thanks for your Cooperation,
    AT Mod Staff.
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    Lord, I thank You for the opportunity to go out on the hunt. I thank You for the time alone to think and reflect on life. I thank You for the time with hunting friends, enjoying good fellowship, good stories, meals and drinks. Thank You for the beauty seen during the hunt and for the game taken and shared. I thank You especially for a safe hunt for myself and for all the hunters who share the field. AMEN.

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