No Time to hunt!!!!! I'm Dyin here!!!


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    No Time to hunt!!!!! I'm Dyin here!!!

    Well i just got off the phone with my good buddy. He's got pics of 3 bucks over 150" on camera on our place. To say the least i was excited. Problem is my pops runs a tree farm/ firewood business and tells me as soon as i get home that we just got a bunch of orders in. I just got in from packin wood and im gettin ready to go out with the lady. I already promised her we would go out as soon as i got back. Now ive gotta catch up big time on the wood. Im gonna have to put a 14 hr day of work in tomorrow and sunday and still find some time to get my school work done and sleep. No hunting for me this weekend at all!!! I think im gonna go crazy! How do you guys keep sane when u dont have time to get in the woods?

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    do the work at night. hunt during the day
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    Work at night and cancel the date. If she is worth dating later she will understand. Its the rut man!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flathead View Post
    Work at night and cancel the date. If she is worth dating later she will understand. Its the rut man!!!
    ^THIS!^ Im active duty Navy, and I was home on leave during the summer right before a deployment when I met my wife. We never dated through a hunting season before we got married because my deployment schedule always was in the fall. Now, 5 years after we met, Im finally able to hunt, and she doesnt understand. Maybe Im making up for missing 7 consecutive years of hunting when I first joined the Navy...I doubt it though...its just my addiction. Now, its a constant fight over me being in the woods or talking about hunting all the time. Do yourself a favor and do what YOU want to do! Get her extremely exposed to our disease now while you still have the chance.
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    You're ideas are putting a smile on my face.

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    Please define "sane".

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