S. Jersey deer.


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Thread: S. Jersey deer.

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    S. Jersey deer.

    I ve been archery huntin in S. Jersey for about 7 yrs. I never even taken a shot at a big deer.The hunting on the game land sucks. I know no ones goin to give up their honey holes but I figured Id ask anyway! Any suggestions on some good public land???? I also have a couple friends who would be willing to work for hunting permission. Weve considered leasing land but its hard to find.

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    I dont know about 'big' deer, but there are deer up here in Northern NJ.
    The only buck I saw of impressive size are an 8ptr running around my neighborhood and one chasing a doe last Nov. The rest have been small.
    But this is only my second fall bow hunting, and I'm still learning the areas.

    If you want to come up sometime for winter bow, I'll take you out.
    Are you going for bear this year?

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    You're going to have to define 'south'...I'm in Atlantic County.....

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    have you looked into hunting on lakehurst or ft.dix? i mainly hunt ft.dix and every year there are some very good bucks taken, you can contact range 14 for more info, just google fort dix rod and gun for the website/phone#. I dont personally know about hunting on lakehurst, but i don know that they have areas to hunt

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    I am from southern Ocean county and hunt in zones 21 and 24 and sometimes 22 and 51. There are some really good bucks but as we all know you have to work for them. You have to go into an area deep and get away from where most people go.

    I met this guys while I was hunting in stafford forge for Pheasants and we were doing a lot of talking and was telling me of some of the bucks on these grounds but he is WAY back in there. It just goes to show you that if you put in your time and are willing to get way back there, there are really nice bucks.

    I have seen some (what I consider) dandy bucks and they were not far in there. I have a spot just off Rt 72 like 200 yards in, at most in from the road but in the last bunch of years these have been some of the biggest deer I have seen in NJ in MY OWN HUNTING. Not of what others have either seen or taken. On of which just didnt give me a good angle to shoot so I let it go, He would of been by FAR the biggest buck i have ever taken or seen. I had another in the same area that I just flat out missed do to using the wrong pin. I could just die over that one. I was in total shock and couldn't believe I missed. But like I said I just used the wrong pin.

    Just be willing to get away back in there and you will have better luck


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    I have definitely seen huge bucks in NJ... I do live in North Jersey though and hunt on a gun club mostly... I think part of the problem in NJ is a majority of guys shoot whatever they see, which means they take mostly 2 year old deer so a lot of the deer don't have the opportunity to grow to their full potential. I'm 20, recently picked up bow hunting, and took my first buck with a bow last fall and he was an old 6 pointer... I've let go a 5 a 7 and a 4 this year. The 7 was a difficult shot or I would have, but either way, the 5 and 4 were less than 10 yards... If you have your own area to hunt, shoot old deer, not young ones.... it's a better management plan and eventually the old ones will be the big ones... Granted I am an ecology major, so I do think about this more than most people, but it drives me nuts when I let a small spike or doe go and someone shoots it as soon as shotgun starts -_- . To go along with the guy a few posts above me, he sees bigger deer on the road less traveled because someone didn't shoot that deer when he was a spike...! If you don't have land, there's a monster 10 and 8 in my backyard every day haha

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