WI Whitetail Swap


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    WI Whitetail Swap

    Looking to see what is out there that somebody is interested in swapping for a 2012 Whitetail Hunt in WI. I have attached some pics but I am having computer issues and cannot find the majority of my trail cam photos. The properties I hunt in WI hold a number of good deer. I am looking for other whitetail hunts or possibly mule deer or elk. Let me see what you guys have out there.
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    Hey Brandon, I sent a PM..Your box is full!
    11' Z7 Xtreme 3D Bow??? TBD!!
    "The real Cherokee Indian outlaw"

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    Should be fixed now.

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    Anybody in IA have anything to offer, I should be drawing this year and would be interested in hunting private if possible.

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    deer or waterfowl hunting.....
    IA is overrated....lol

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    Yeah well whether I like it or not I'm kind of pot committed to IA now. At $50 for just a preference point the deer should crap gold!

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    How about Indiana whitetails?

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    PM Sent.

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    Any luck on an IA swap?

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