tombstone creek outfitters reveiw


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    tombstone creek outfitters reveiw

    well i thought i would let you guys know how my hunt at tombsone creek went. well ill start with the pros first.i was there nov. we got down there on the 5th of nov. about 11am and they were going to show us are stands but the cool thing was they let us start hunting right away,so we got a half day of hunting for free.i thought that was pretty cool of them to do.i saw the most deer out of are group of four. alot of doe little bucks and six shooters(mature bucks).out of the six i missed one a 10pt. 145-150 in. and i had a 135in 8pt. come in but he was just in to thick of stuff to shoot.with the 8 pt. i thought i was going to luck out it was on the last day on the last hour of hunting.the other big ones were all 80 plus yds. camp that week there were 3 bucks killed one 140 10 pt and 2 smaller 8 pts. out of 14 or 15 guys my dad was the only one that did not see a shooter buck. that week they must have went 90% on shots on deer .execept for the three killed and except for my dad not seeing one everyone else shot and missed or wounded one.i know one guy missed two and wounded one and i know one girl missed two for there was a lot of shooting that week. this did not bother me so i wont put it in the cons but if you are used to staying in nice lodges like hadley creek or other big money places and you need that this is not the place for you.we had a little cabin thing for the four of us, it had in it four beds a table a fridge and a mirowave.i think they had six of these cabins.then they also have a house and that has three showers,the kitchen,washer and dryer,living room and so on just a regular farm house.the house is where everyone hangs out at night.the lodging doesnt bother me cause i am there to hunt not be whined and dined with fancy cooking and stuff.i think some of the cabins are four groups of two and that way you are not sleeping with people you dont other cool thing we did was each group brought a meal for a night.your group would cook that meal for the camp.then your group wouldnt have to cook dinner the rest of the worked out good that way there wasnt 5 differnt groups of guys trying to cook dinner at the same time.we had a group of four and what we cooked costed $40 so i ate dinner for the whole week for $10.back to the deer if i had to guess i would say i saw between 50-60 deer in the five in a half days i was there. now the cons. before i start i want to say i think i would go back there in a couple years unless i find a place i think would be better. well i would really like to know how they pick the property you go to. when we were there, there was atleast 5-6 guys some how some way involved with either tombsome creek a1 archery or a1 taxidermy all HUNTING.the nexted thing that pi***d me off was my cousin was drinking and talking to the guide(seth) and the guide tells him well i cant even beleive eric(thats me) is seeing all these deer cause the last guys that hunted that property all they seen were some doe and a spike buck. so my cousin comes back to are cabin and tells me this. i was more then P####d off . so that is why i wish i new how they picked what property you go and my dad were hunting the same property remember i said he never seen a shooter buck(mature buck). so my cousin dont ask me how but he ends up on a different property the second to the last day.they tell him they found 40 different buck sheds on it and have pics of two different booners on it.they go hang a stand out there with him and tell him if you dont get a shot on a buck out of this stand you can punch me in the face.what happens 2 hours after they hang a stand he shoots one but we looked for it and never found it the nexted he hunts the last evening out of that stand a sees another shooter but couldnt get a less then six hours in a stand and sees two shooters.the other thing that kinda a little bit bothered me was that the first day jim one of the onwers drives out with us to show us where the property owner wants us to park.i ask him what kinda stand am i looking for he says i dont no ive never hunted this property.they had 2 food plots on the property but they were just dirt they must not took for some reason.i know it seems like i have some complantes but i did have a good was my first out of state hunt.i did see alot of deer but my dad not so much.i would guess he saw half of what i i said i would go back in a couple of years unless i find some place i think would be not trying to bash tombsone creek at all.i just want to tell it like it was. i really wanted to do this reveiw cause the only ones out there are the ones that are on there one more time i did have a good time just a couple bad things to. so if any one has any questions and wants to pm me thats fine or if you want my phone number you can pm me and ill give it to you. hope this helps any one out looking at going to tombstone creek outfitter.

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    Thanks for the review, good information to know.
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    Long paragraph.
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    i never did or never will claim to be a english major. lol

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    This is Paul Korn Co-Owner of Tombstone Creek replying to Eric's post about his hunt. Our Goal @ TCO is to provide the best Midwest Whitetail hunt & experience at the lowest cost. We do this (as Eric Stated) by not having a fancy lodge, hunters cook their own meals and transport themselves to and from the properties they hunt. Our money is put into prime hunting properties, tree stands and food plots ect.... As far as picking who hunts where, it goes by any special needs and in the best availiable spots. We also factor in re-peat customers as we let them hunt the same properties as previous years as they know them. Eric was a new customer and was hunting with his father and requested that they hunt together so we would have taken into consideration our most current information and pick what makes sense based on deer movement, recent deer activity and any hunter physical condition or ability to hunt certain stands or properties. As you can read by Eric's post he was on deer and almost everybody in camp shot at deer. Seth's comment about the last guys didnt see much, was out of surprise because we had so many pictures he was amazed about how slow it was, prior to the hunt we are discussing. We work very hard for our hunters and try to keep their spirts up beat and positive during your stay. We also have a pre-hunt meeting and ask the hunters to let us know of anything that may be bothering them so we can try and correct any problems ASAP, as it does little good to bring it up after you leave. We also have lots of help in camp to make sure we can keep everything moving, thus Matt Cahill was their helping Eddie Habberman who was in this group and put the group together. Eddie did hunt a farm that we found 40 shed antlers on this spring that was because we planted $5,000 worth of Corn and left it stand for the deer, feeding everything within several miles last winter. We laughted at Matt's comment when he told Eddie he would let him punch him in the face if he didnt shoot a deer as it was understood as a Joke. Matt is very familiar with this farm and felt very confident and set up the stand with recent information from previous hunters combined with what Eddie was seeing. I believe it is pretty well understood that in a free ranging deer situation their are no guarantees, just light harded fun as we interact with hunters. Just wanted to let everyone know how things went on the Outfitting end of this and if you want to learn more about our operation you can go on our web site and click on the pod cast that is on the home page of our site. Thanks PK TCO

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    Paul, I think your thinking that I'm trying to bash tombstone creek but that is not my intention at all. I am not just bringing things up after i left cause if it was that bad i would have brought it up when i was there. Im not a cry baby thats going to whine about things that are no big deal. I too took Matt's comment as a lighthearted joke and nothing else. You say these things like you were actually there, but remember you and I have only spoke the day my father and I left to return home because that's the first day you were there during our 5 day hunt. Like I said in my review I only posted this review because there were people on archery talk wondering about tombstone creek and I told them I had booked a trip with you and I would write a honest review when my trip was over. This is the only non-bias review that is on the internet that I know of because the only other reviews are on your website. I also said that I would've returned in the future and that I was overall satisfied with my trip. My review was posted with intent to deliver honest info to the guys that are ready to drop a couple grand on a hunt. As you stated it is a very reasonable hunt pricewise but it still alot of money to the average american working man.

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    Eric, I understand where you are coming from and I dont think you are bashing TCO. I do feel compelled to address items that are posted on line that "pi***ed people off". We believe that anybody who cares about their reputation will try to address issues like this in one way or another. We did only speak on the last day of your hunt as I arrived in camp, but rest assured that I did speak with Dan, Seth, Matt, and Jim all in depth about this before I posted our reply. Our reputation is very important to us and the internet can do a lot of damage in creating un-true perceptions so our team in all fairness wanted to let everyone know whats going on from our end. We appreciate your honesty and please consider this issue as closed on line we appreciate you hunting with us. I would like to speak to you more about this in person, please give me a call @ 651-238-2697 Thanks Paul Korn TCO

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    I just want to let people know and I did call Paul Korn. In no way is this thread a bash towards Tombstone Creek Outfitters. Just read the review for what it is nothing more. There is no bad feelings between me and Paul.

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    10/4 Eric THANKS! Paul Korn TCO

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    Thats a fair review and response. Sounds like everyone saw a lot of deer. 50-60 is outstanding. i was hunting Illinois that same week and bet I saw 20 at the most.

    It is also nice that they let your buddy continue hunting after wounding a buck. Most outfitters would have shut him down as a lost buck is lost revenue.

    Owners and guides hunting is a touchy subject for some, but since it sounds like it was self guided, it doesnt sound that bad. You were there during the best week of the year.

    Thanks for sharing..

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    What's crazy is they did better the next week which is there gun season. They bow hunt during the gun season. They killed some really nice bucks that week. The owners and guide hunting I did not like. Seth the guide killed a nice one later in the season.

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