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Thread: First European Mount and decor pedestal display.

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    First European Mount and decor pedestal display.

    This is the first time I European mounted a deer and instead of the boring, usuall wall plaque to display it on, I wanted to go create the vision of a buck skull hanging on an old farmstead barbwire fence post back when they used trees as posts before lumber. I think it turned out well. I'm goin to add a half shucked corn cob to the base today to give it yellow and beige complimentary colors to go with the dark green moss. I think the yellow&Beige on the dark green base will make the appearence "POP"..besides, the base looks to basic and boring. Let me know what ya think! Thanks!!!

    I also snipped the "Barbs" off the barbwire and made them flat to keep from getting ripped open. If you consider making a similar design, just take wire snips and snips the sharp ends flat on the barbed wire, trust me, it helps!

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    Nice work! It turned out well.

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    Very nice!
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