I'm about to retire from the AF in about 2 years and am headed back to the Cheyenne area to live again. We're also looking at hunting/camping/recreational property in the Sundance or Newcastle areas (Deer area's 1 and 2). Looking at the migration routes I see whitetail and muley as well as pronghorn movements around the area but not all over. I would have thought that area would be swarming with whitetail if not muleys. What is the general hunting scenery like up there? Is there elk in that part of the state? Is there a decent deer population in the area? We're looking at 2 lots to build a cabin on. One is just northwest of Sundance and west of Bear Lodge Mtn at the edge of the national forest and the other is northwest of Hulett. Both have forested parts and meadowed areas and are around 30-40 acres each. Perfect size for a camper to pull up to a nice log cabin for the week. I'm trying to get my hands on some decent hunting property that I can expand on for my boys to enjoy when they become old enough to hunt.

I'll be driving down there to check the areas out hopefully in the next month. I'd really appreciate any feedback on the areas. They always look so beautiful when we drive down through and back. We always said we'll get a place around there and now it's going to happen.