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If your passion is archery and bow hunting, then the Ross Bowhunting Cardiac is your equipment. Built by Ross Archery Inc. this bow is lightweight and durable. Capable of shooting arrows at the approximate speed of 320 fps on the IBO rating scale, the Ross Bowhunting Cardiac is as swift as it is accurate. The bow delivers a vibration-free shot by virtue of cable-guard dampeners, limb silencing blocks, string silencers and FLATLINE anti-vibration system. The grip is narrow and comprises hardwood side plates that reduce torque and afford greater hold. Built for the outdoors the Ross Bowhunting Cardiac is designed for the sport of archery and bow hunting.

I bought this bow two years ago brand new, the plain bow with no attachments costed around $700-$800. I bought all attachments needed for the bow, it is hunt ready. I have Viper sights on this bow and a drop away rest that ensures for a free flying arrow on let off. This bow has a 80% let off feature, this means that once at full draw, 80% of the weight goes away. I have a quiver that can swivel to make sure your arrows are not to be in the way of sitting the bow down and it is also a quick removal from the bow. I have invested over $1300 in this bow, I have only shot it 40 times, that includes hunting and sighting in the bow, it is sighted in at 20 yds, 30 yds, 40 yds, and has a pin that can be sighted in for 50 yds. Bow comes with a hard case, 3 Easton Axis carbon fiber arrows and broadheads, also comes with a release. Contact me by email and I can send pictures of my bow. OFFERS WILL BE TAKEN AS WELL. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. WILL MEET YOU IF A REASONABLE DISTANCE. WILL DO FOR CASH AT TIME OF PICKUP INISTEAD OF PAYPAL.