100 yard shot with new Bowtech Assassin


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    100 yard shot with new Bowtech Assassin

    Shot a water bottle while killing time practicing for my bow hunt this year.


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    That was awesome.
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    Thanks! too bad it wasn't an animal i was shooting at!

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    Now you're screwed - a big buck is gonna step out at 100 and you're gonna be unable to lay off - LOL

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    I know! from that far, the buck will have like a full 1 or 2 seconds to jump away if he can hear me release.

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    Nice shot.
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    Nice shot!
    Gives me confidence in being able to perform with my bow in target shooting! THat's wicked!
    how did you make out with hunting!?! Take any deer at 100m?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drgrieg View Post
    I know! from that far, the buck will have like a full 1 or 2 seconds to jump away if he can hear me release.
    He might not hear you release, but I heard the whizzz of the incoming arrow...
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    I saw that on youtube. Awesome shot.
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