PSE Brute X and Diamond Outlaw.....Impressions


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    PSE Brute X and Diamond Outlaw.....Impressions

    I just shot these two bows yesterday, and here is what I thought. I'm not a brand follower, so I don't want to make anyone mad.

    First off, the local superstore only had these two at 60lb, so I just went with it. I shot the Brute X first. The good....Good speed, smooth draw, very steady and easy to get on the peep without torquing due to the slim handle design. It had a very different feel on the draw than the Diamond, with the valley coming quite a bit earlier in the cycle. No shock. I shot this thing completely open handed, and it just sat there. The bad.....Feels like a boat anchor compared to the Diamond at an easy pound heavier. I could really notice the difference. The package is.....OK.

    Now for the Outlaw. The good...Fast. Hands down faster than the Brute X. Quiet, a different quiet from the Brute X, with a higher frequency sound. Probably pretty close Db wise, but different like a pop vs a thud. Jumps forward just a bit on the shot, but not bad. If you shoot with a wrist strap, it's a non issue. Also, this bow is nice and light. The package seems to be a bit better than the Brute X's. The bad...The draw cycle is.....Different. The valley comes on really late and is abrupt back to the stop. The first time I shot it I was kind of startled by it. Shouldn't be too bad to get used to, though. Maybe a little rougher at 70 lb. I would definitely use a full capture rest. It also seemed a bit more susceptible to torquing during the draw, probably due to the handle design.

    Both of these bows are very accurate, and I was grouping under 2 inches on my second round with both bows. I think that it all comes down to preferences, and after shooting both, I'm still on the fence. There's things I like and dislike about both. I wouldn't have a problem buying either one of these, especially for their price point. The Brute, though, I would definitely buy bare bow. And after seeing it in person, the Skullworks finish is just freakin' cool.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Excellent review.

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