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Thread: Your Jobs (Not archery related)

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    Your Jobs (Not archery related)

    Sorry i'm putting this up in this section, but i thought i get more voices if i asked this in this section. I'm 19 and a freshman in college and trying to come up with some ideas for a career in my local area. I'm thinking counseling or a health care type job, but open to other ideas. Thanks.

    What do you guys do? Do you like it? etc.
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    Welder for an oil rig fabricator. Soon to be welder for the RR.
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    Still in junior high...

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    The health care industry is a good choice, I'd go for something like an X-ray tech, or MRI tech if I had to do it all over again. I spent almost 20yrs as an EMT/Firefighter.

    Pick what you are passionate about.

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    Electrical Contractor. I would highly recommend anything in health care field.

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    Dentist, make good $, run your own shop, take off when you want, run hours so you can hunt, have $ to buy land, etc

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    I am currently a City Manager and i am happy although it is very political and with the economy how it is right now not sure i would go into it again. I was a health Planner for a tribal community and while the health industry remains uncertain with pending healthcare reform in whatever shape that may take i strongly suggest you go with something healthcare orientated simply because with the pending global economic collapse around the corner there will always be a lot more stability in healthcare than any other filed.

    Good luck to you whatever you choose.

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    I am a teacher but with all the changes in our state and at the national level I would not recommend it to someone who is on the fence.
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    I'm a commercial roofer. Everyone needs a roof eventually.
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    Assistant service manager @ Ford dealership. I would stay away from automotive. Too much stress and not enough pay!
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    No matter what make sure it is something you enjoy!! Waking up every day and not dreading going to work is worth millions i promise!
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    30 years in electric line and service. Presently a district line serviceman.
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    I was a paramedic for 12 years and would not recomend that. If you want to go into the medical field I would look at nuclear medicine, such as a Nuclear Med Tech. If you want to do it right you should strongly look into being a dentist or optometrist.

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    Medical field is the way to go! My wife has a TWO year degree from a local college and makes 30 an hour. Def. give the field a look!

    Me, I'm a helicopter mechanic. Local but I had to join the army first for the training. Lol.

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    i have an autoglass shop. i thought i was the only one that wouldnt recommend my field. Guess we all hate going to work

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbone1980 View Post
    assistant service manager @ ford dealership. I would stay away from automotive. Too much stress and not enough pay!
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    I am a Main line maintenance Tech. for a large cable tv company!! Great job has its goods and bads,but Im outside year round.; Has its bad days when mother nature shows her bad side but the OT looks good on payday!!! Been at this for nine years and looks like I will try and stick it out..
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    stationed in Biloxi, MS, from Minocqua, WI
    construction mechanic(heavy equipment) currently e4 in the navy..3 years in currently...its not a bad job, and it pays decent when you add up all the benefits...but when if i get out before i retire i am going to do something in law enforcement, just havent decided exactly what yet

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    Belly dancer...I know it is tough job but someone has to do it.

    OK Electrical contractor in real life....lol

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    Ranch/Wildlife Managment


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    Network Engineer for Cisco Systems.. Great job if you like this kind of stuff but if you for one second get frustrated with math, people skills, computers/servers, applications, voice etc do not go into the IT field. If you do dig this kind of thing and like networking or service provider aspects of IT the first thing would be to work toward getting your CCIE. Which will help you work toward what you want out of a job and open doors. Personally for me I have the dream job that everyone I talk to wants without the headaches of owning my own business which I have in the past after getting out of the army. It will take time, dedication, endless studies but the rewards are well worth it day in an day out.

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    family owned company . lisc electrician. lisc alarm , cctv installer...... lots of stress but when it comes to hunting i sometimes can take off when i need to

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    I build tires for cooper tire. Work 12hr shifts on grave yard. It sucks but the money is ok.
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    I'm a medical machinist. I help make all the parts the doctors use to cut you open and replace defective joints. Been doing it for 14 years now and I absolutley love it. I made my late grandmothers knees from cutting the raw material to machining it completely then to packing it up and shipping it out the door. That way if it was bad she could beat my butt again....lol. Fortunately she never had a single problem and she lived another 7 years after her knee surgeries. I miss her and grandpa every single day!!!
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    if had to choose something than what Im already doing id get a bachelors in environmental science and go for DEC or police... great retirement pension

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