Team Humphries Archery 3D Pop Up tour at the 2012 Vegas ISE


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    Team Humphries Archery 3D Pop Up tour at the 2012 Vegas ISE

    February 2nd-4th at the Vegas Convention Center

    ShootingEdegeTechnology and Team Humphries 3D Pop Up Show will be an Event Sponsor at the first ever International Sportsmen's Expo in Las Vegas, NV!!

    Bring your bow and at least 5 arrows with matching fletching and join the 3D Pop Up shoot event!

    $35 to enter gets you 2 practice rounds and a back-to-back 2 qualifying rounds and $5 for each additional practice round. You can re-qualify as often as you like for $15. Scoring system is the normal 3D scoring system of 12/10/8/5. You will shoot 5 randomly picked targets that will pop up within 1 minute and the only guaranteed target that will happen EVERY round is the flyer(moving mule deer)......that's 12 seconds per target.

    Top 32 shooters will enter into the main MONEY EVENT on Saturday afternoon starting at 3PM. The top 32 bracket is set up handicapped, meaning that whoever qualifies within 10points of the top qualifying score will shoot the MONEY EVENT with the targets moving at 6 seconds per target faster... half the speed! Whoever qualifies within 10 points of those top qualifiers will shoot the event with the targets moving at 3 seconds per target faster...and whoever qualifies at the bottom of the 32 will shoot at the speed EVERYONE qualified at...over $1100 in cash and prizes to the top 4 places as well as trophies for the top 3 finishers in the Ladies ONLY event!

    The Money Event is open to everyone and the Ladies ONLY event is designed to get our ladies involved in their own event.

    Shooting Edge Technology will give a FREE ProTX Hand Guard to the top 4 winners of the MONEY EVENT and a FREE ProTX Hand Guard to the winning Lady of the Ladies ONLY event!
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    EVERYONE who registers for the MONEY EVENT by paying the $35 entry fee will get a wristband that will get them into the ISE Show everyday for only have to pay to get into the ISE once!
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    Thursday and Friday are the best times to practice and qualify........if you wait until Saturday morning you won't get the opportunity to practice as often and the wait will be longer. We will not take any more payments for practice rounds or registrations after 1PM on Saturday to ensure everyone waiting in line can use their practice round tickets and qualifying round tickets.
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    Let's make a big showing at this Event.......

    Come see me at the 3D pop up event in Vegas February 2nd-4th and I'll give you a FREE practice round ticket if you tell me who you are on Archery Talk!!
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    Here is the link to the Email and Flyer for the
    Extreme 3-D Pop Up Tour

    Hope to see you all at the shoot.
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