Ever make sausage/bologna from bear?


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    Ever make sausage/bologna from bear?

    I'm processing some meat this weekend and was wondering what to do with my bear meat. I make a variety of summer sausage, trail bologna, ring bologna and pepper sticks from deer & moose but never bear. Anyone ever use bear meat for any of these? I'm wondering what ratio of bear/pork or bear/beef to use. This is my first experience at processing bear so any advice will be greatly apreciated.

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    I have had summer sausage made from bear meat. It was a spring bear and the meat was very lean. It made very good sausage. One caution: Nearly all bears have trichinosis. Be sure to get the temp above 160 for at least 20 min. to kill it.

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    ive also had summer sausage from bear its real good that way

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    I ate some bear summer sausage. Not bad....not bad at all.
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    Bear summer sausage is awesome. Make sure that you remove all the fat from the bear meat. That is where the "undesirable" flavour comes from. If you need to moisten it with fat use some pork. I dried mine to the consistency that I like then I vacuum seal it and freeze it. Good luck!

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