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Thread: Do you want LIGHTED NOCKS legal in IDAHO!

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    Lightbulb Do you want LIGHTED NOCKS legal in IDAHO!

    My Name is T.J. Hofhines and I am the Idaho State Bowhunters Region 3 Director. I want to reach out to all the archery sportsman and see if they want LIGHTED NOCKS Legal or not!

    Please use this form as a survey only.

    Are you an ISB Member? Yes or NO

    Do you want Lighted Nocks Legal? Yes or No

    We will run this survey for a week or so and see what we get. Thank you.

    (Note: this is just a survey to gather info on Lighted Nocks only, not to get you as a member of ISB. If you are not an ISB member that is ok, please fill it out. We need this info to take to Fish and Game.)

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    No I am not a member and YES I would like to use lighted nocks.
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    I realize this is pretty late (didn't know that there were state-specific forums on archerytalk), but I would vote to legalize lighted nocks. I don't use them myself, but I don't see how it gives the archer any advantage over the game. It only aids in recovery, so I see no reason to have a law prohibiting it.

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    Most people miss the point with lighted nocks out west-they don't understand that once you go with electrical lights nocks etc... there is no going back and what is next after you cross this line. Keep the west the was it was meant to be. No mechanicals and electrical aids.
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    I'm with you muleguy. I get it, what do lighted nocks do? It open's up the door for the next idea. Eventually we are all wearing blaze orange hunting a any weapon 2 month season. A bit Extreme?? Think about how much has changed since your grandfathers were runnin the woods.

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    Im all for lighted knocks, it only aids in recovery. Has zero advantage other than recovery.
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    very true has nothing to do with helping the hunter in any way. other than to find the arrow or arrow in the deer. i like the idea.

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    Light em up!! Soon to be member need to renew.

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    Not a member but absolutely yes to lighted nocks. they give no advantage to a hunter, just aid in arrow recovery and seeing shot placement better

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    Lighted knocks are great for target shooting, they're a novelty, something new. I am one for tradition. Most of us got into archery because hunting with a bow is more challenging. We are a different group. I like it that way, it keeps the weak fish off the mountain. if you are so worried about recovery of an arrow, stay off the mountain or practice better hunting tactics and stop taking the 60 yard hail marry shot. If you think it will help track the game, please stay home, you have never killed an animal. I've never shot an elk or deer that left the arrow hanging out of him. Lighted knocks are no big deal, the mind set behind them is.

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    I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. I am an ISB member and Yes I would like to see lighted nocks legalized.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradkl View Post
    I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. I am an ISB member and Yes I would like to see lighted nocks legalized.
    Ditto, 'Cept I'm not an ISB member. BTW, where are u at Bradkl? I'm just outta Rigby myself.

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    Not an ISB member. Love lighted nocks for shot placement and they are just plain cool. Nocturnals Rock!
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    what was the outcome of your surveys? will this be presented to fish and game or the legislature?
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