Hi Everyone, I was lucky enough to try this product this year and let me tell you it WORKS! I met this wonderful lady at work and through talking to her I found out her husband is the owner of this lure.She had given me a bottle to try and long behold I shot my first buck this year. It was a 7 point with a 17 1/2 inch spread.Yeah it is on my wall too!! I gave her a picture because when she gave me a bottle to try, all she asked for was a picture if I shoot one.She took the photo up to the Sportsman show in Harrisburg, PA to show everyone. I almost forgot to mention that another guy I work with shot a 10 point with this being the only lure he used. He even grunted twice and whistled to try and stop the buck,but it went right past him to go to the spot where he had the scent. This couple is so nice and I just thought if they can give us a trophy for our wall that all the hunters out there might try this product this year so they too can have a chance at a trophy Whitetail. I also felt I owed her this for what she had done for me and my co-worker. Thanks for taking the time to read this.