Leupold Vendetta and SABO one pin sight f/s f/t


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    Leupold Vendetta and SABO one pin sight f/s f/t

    I have a new Leupold Vendetta that I can not use because I hunt in Colorado. We can't have any electronics mounted on our bows. My brother opened the box and mounted it to his Z7 to see how to zero it to his bow unfortunately. He did now know I was going to get rid of it but it is never used in the woods at all. $210tyd. I also have a SABO Single pin sight that I do not use but I worked closely to the CEO of Tactical Archery Supplies and he gave me this sight along with their 3 pin sight that I have been using. It is not electronic, it uses a really awesome reflective system and I honestly believe these sights have something going for them. If you are even a little interested, look up forums on the SABO sight and learn a bit about them. The sight has very minor scuffs from setting the bow down but the sight portion is perfect. $100tyd. I am open for trades and like to be entertained with whatever you have of equal value. I'm partial to trail cams, leupold scopes, or maybe a handheld range finder. I currently don't have pics of the vendetta but can get some upon requests. Thanks for your time. only ship to lower 48SABO 2.jpgSABO 1.jpg

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    will aslo consider trading for Fox Pro calls, scentblocking clothing or live predator trap.

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    Leupold is pending payment. Sight bumped to 75tyd.

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    Don't suppose the sight is lefty, is it?

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    Sorry it's a right hand sight. And sorry for the late response.

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    Re: Leupold Vendetta and SABO one pin sight f/s f/t

    still have the sabo?

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