YouTube Channels??


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    YouTube Channels??

    Hey everybody since this is the video forum I figured we could post our YouTube Channels on here and show off what ya got!! Also there is no harm in some constructive criticism!! Here is mine, lookin forward to seeing what you've got!! Jake

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    Link is in my signature!!
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    Here is mine! My first bow kill video is on there!!

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    Hunting in Hawaii

    Hope you like it!!

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    Created a small website that has some vids on the video page. Link is in my signature
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    My personal website - http://taggedoutproductions.yolasite. com/
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    I got some stuff on there.891Fix or Bowhunting public land=Fixs drug of choice.

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    Check Out!
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    they're not mine, but iv done some work with this group and they rock!! they're always : something different and fun. heres their website as well as youtube channel:

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    Some older stuff, spent the last year shooting some fresh content that'll be posted soon.

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    Here is mine. It's more of a what camera not to use kinda thing. It was our first time trying to record (my feature video) and my Bowtech Specialist review is also a first time recording. So try not to be brutal.

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    here is mine, no kill shots yet, hoping to get a turkey hunt up next week when our season starts!

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    You can find mine at It is mostly firearms and scuba vlogs, but I intend to film some archery videos this week. It's difficult to come up with ideas for archery videos beyond "Goin' Huntin'" videos. I am also studying to be an English and Film double major, so this is for sure a passion of mine!

    Cheers! I like what I see so far in all these channels posted above!

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    and you can type in Bassfisher3838

    We have some awesome turkey hunts and some awesome deer hunt trailers. Check'em out!
    2013 Hoyt Spyder 30

  20. #17 Here is mine. We film 100% DIY, public land hunts here in Montana. Film with DLSR and GoPro. Will post a new thread with our first hunting episode from 2011. Cool to see what other people are doing in video!

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    My spearfishing channel, also underwater Striped Bass Photos, and Big Sandy Machine Gun Shoot in Arizona.

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