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    Cool Cats " Colored Cat Whiskers"

    13 Different colors :
    Hot Green-Orange-Black-White-Flo.Orange-Forest Green-Red-Yellow-Brown-Lime Green-Blue-Pink-Purple (Note: Colors can vary due to picture lighting)

    All packs contain 24 inches of material, which is more than enough for 2 silencers for 1 bow.

    Available packs ( Below are some samples, as I offer any of the 13 colors for single, double and Tri color packs)
    Single color packs contain 2-12 inch strips.
    Double color packs contain 2-12 inch strips-2 different colors of choice.
    Tri color packs contain 3-8inch strips-3 different colors of choice.

    1-2 packs 3.25 each (price covers S&H)
    3-9 packs 3.00 each (price covers S&H)
    10-19 packs 2.75 each (price covers S&H)
    20 packs or more 2.50 each (price covers S&H)

    Accepting PayPal and Money Orders, please P.M. for M.O. info.

    Links for tying tips Thank You
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    Cool Cats Custom Colored String Silencers

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