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    String Cleaning

    I have red and black strings and Im noticing on the red Im getting crud on them.Its not from actual dirt or in the field stuff.Its a new bow and Ive only been in the back yard with it.Im sure its only dust from hanging it in the house and some lint from having it in my lap or something while adjusting and tuning stuff.I know its stupid but if theyre suppose to be red I want them is there tips to using around the house stuff or should I buy bowstring cleaner?

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    just inspect your string for wear and tear, and wax your string on a regular basis that's all you should have to do it!

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    I've used rubbing alcohol on a rag and then apply a good bowstring wax after it dries.
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    I don't know if this will fix your problem but it will help. Wrap a piece of fishing line around the string and pull your old dirty wax off and then apply new wax.

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    I've never used fishing line but dental floss and serving work great to remove built up wax and dirt from the string. Just wrap it around the string, pull it tight and pull it down the string. It will remove the old wax and brighten up the color of the string. I did this the other day with my target bow and it looked like I had new strings.

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    Yep anything like that will work. I clean mine like that pretty often or as often as needed I should say.

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    I've used fishing line, floss, and serving in the past. What I use now is butcher's twine. Same that used in making sausage. It seems to be more gentle on the string and grabs the crud a little better.
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    i use the scorpion venom string cleaner, get them off ebay for pretty cheap and they last long time. there like $6.50 online. works great.

    its good to clean off old wax n dirt and not just apply new wax over as it will just work into the string
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