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Thread: Teak shower surround

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    Teak shower surround

    Anyone ever seen a shower or bathtub surround built out of teak? The master bath is gutted and the idea popped into my head lol. I have plenty of teak 4" x various lengths I pulled off a job a while back that I need out of the shop. Any suggestions besides don't do it?

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    Teak would be a great wood to do that with! In our dream home we sold a few years back, I had completely covered the walls of the hot tub room in teak and it looked great and held up to the moisture, I cant seem to find the picts though....
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    sell the teak and buy a REALLY NICE bathroom
    teak is 86.00 bf

    or donate it to me so I can rebuild the swim platform on my boat to be longer
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