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    Bowtech Assasin

    Has anyone shot the Bowtech Assasin I have and its awesome. I have never shot a bow that feels that good. I want to know what everyone thinks of the Assasin.

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    Jun 2004
    Bought my son one great bow for $
    Hunt-to traverse in search of prey

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    I bought one its set up at 28.5 inch draw shooting 360 grain arrow 299 dos

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    Jan 2007
    Clover, SC
    picked mine up last night (first compound). Really like the way it shoots.

    57# 29" dl

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    Dec 2008
    westcentral Iowa,Manning (was born here )
    My Archery club members are all starting to buy this model , and none of them were Bowtech owners before !

    They like the grip , feel , no vibration , price tag ( none of them traded in their old bow ) , speed , etc . and guess that yours trully will be looking into this bow !

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    Mar 2011
    i wanted one but they didnt come in my draw , so i bought the heartbreaker (same bow just for short archers).
    my brother bought an assassin a month ago and hasnt put it down. he let me shoot it and it just like shooting
    my hb. great bow
    2015 Ion 26" @ 60#s NAP apache , HHA 5019 with a 4x lens , G5 quiver
    Axis arrows , 363 gr @ 262 fps, Grim Reaper Hybrids , custom string stop
    limbsaver stab.

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    Oct 2011
    Duluth, MN
    Ya I have the Bowtech AssassinSD (another short version) and I really like it.

    I have heard some people (mostly women) complain about the "harshness" of the cams, but personally I like the hard cam, and I find with a little adjustment can be quite tame. It has a nice solid back wall and it is fast, quiet, and short enough ATA to maneuver in a stand without being ridiculously short/unforgiving.

    There is really a lot of performance in this bow. IBO the Assassin is 333fps -- (with a 7" BH). I was considering buying a USED Mathews (and spending MORE money) and shot a few, but this one actually seemed QUIETER/more solid (did NOT expect that).

    If you are thinking of buying a $1000+ bow 1 or 2 yrs old.. try this bow and I think you'll change your mind!

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    Its Truely amazing how Bowtech can make a product this Good and make it that reasonable on the price tag.

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    May 2011
    Southern California
    The Assassin SD makes 24". It's a Heartbreaker on steroids. 70 pounds.
    for the money these two are the best on the market. IMO..

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    Just bought the 2012 Assasin and love it. Put on a QAD ultrarest HDX, 7 inch octane piston stab, saunders hyperglide cable slide, limbsaver limb dampeners, and a kisser button... damn thing is accurate and even quiter! Also put a torqueless custom grip on order (cant wait)! Click image for larger version. 

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