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    I bought one last summer to replace my ancient Parker Sidekick. At the time, I only wanted something to hunt with. It was fine for hunting, but then I made friends with girls that shoot 3D. When I became interested in 3D, and started playing around with other bows I realized the Heartbreaker was nothing like their bows. Once I found out how much easier it is to shoot a smoother bow, I started looking for something new. I shot the Matthews Z7 extreme, the HeliM, the Hoyt Vicxen, both Hoyt Carbon bows, the PSE Chaos, and several others. (I felt kinda like Goldilocks!) It took a while, but I finally found the one that fit me best. Don't rush into making a decision. I'm biased to Athens, but find what feels best to you!

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    That's my plan. I don't want to get stuck with something I'm not going to like and feel comfortable with. It just wont help me be a better archer at all.

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    I understand your pain in trying to find a bow to "test drive". As a lefty there are few bows in the shops, looking for 40 - 50 lb bow makes it even harder. Our local shop was able to switch out cams for me to try the new Heli-m (right handed). I had a Passion and really liked it but wanted a longer ATA for competition (and I had found out I was left eye dominant and switched over the winter from a righty to a lefty). Have you shot a Jewel or Passion?
    LH Mathews Heli-m, 26" 53lb, GoldTip 3555, AAE pro drop rest, Axcel sight, Dead Center stablizer, T.R.U. Ball Baby HT release.
    LH Mathews MR6 26" 51lbs, CXL Pro 150s, AAE Pro drop rest, CBE sight, Dead Center stabilizer, T.R.U. Ball Outlaw Release

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    Not yet but would love to.
    They were surprised they had 3 bows for me to try when I went to the shop. All together I have shot the craze at a local shop, the heartbreaker, the youth bow made by winchester, and I'm thinking maybe it was another bowtech bow that I tried, can't remember. I also bought the only bow I could try at Cabela's, my first bow-Razor Edge.
    I have a hoyt trykon sport on its way here by snail mail.

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    Nice choice MAMA!
    I really like the looks of the Trykon Sport and have heard GREAT things about them as a SD/Ladies bow.
    Guy at the shop his wife/GF shoots one and made some comment like "unfortunately, they stopped making the best women's bow (Trykon Sport).
    I really like the specs on that bow. It is one that I tried to find on Ebay for myself that had 60# when I was looking, and then after I got mine, looked for one for my lil sister, and my friend both of whom I am getting into hunting. Those things are hot commodities, I tell you!

    I shot a Passion the day I shot and fell in love with the Assassin. I didn't feel the difference in smoothness then. The Passion didn't feel as smooth as I expected so I went with the Assassin/HB. I haven't shot the Z7Extreme or Jewel However.
    Hoyt makes a GREAT bow. I think you will enjoy it VERY much!

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    I love the look of the Hoyt bows! I can't wait til it gets in, dying to shoot it. I'm also waiting on some new arrows and hoping to get them cut down to size by Sunday's 3-d. I have 2 left, I sware my son lost or did something to my pink arrows because I had 5 and now I have 1 that has a whole in the vane.
    That's good to know about the Passion, I thought that heartbreaker had a lot of vibration. Surprisingly the youth Winchester was pretty smooth if I remember correctly...especially for a company just starting out making bows.
    Thanks for shring the info on the Trykon Sport, makes me feel good for ordering a bow I've never shot before. I'm taking the lead from my husband. He has about 4-5 bows now and he trades at least 1 every so often just to try out other bows. Excpet he's keeping more and more which has shoved everyone else off the bow hanger we made. We need a house with a bow room now that my collection is growing too...not to mention and indoor area to shoot them.

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    Wife shoots Hoyt RinTec's ,Hoyt Ruckus all are 24 inch draw and 40 - 50 pounds .She tears up 3D courses is a 298 indoor shooter and has harvested P & Y Bucks and has taken Black Bears. The right gear matched to bow and possibilities are endless......DB

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    i bought my wife the bowtech heartbreaker, i was blown away by it, she loves it more than any other womens bow she haas shot!

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