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    I bought one last summer to replace my ancient Parker Sidekick. At the time, I only wanted something to hunt with. It was fine for hunting, but then I made friends with girls that shoot 3D. When I became interested in 3D, and started playing around with other bows I realized the Heartbreaker was nothing like their bows. Once I found out how much easier it is to shoot a smoother bow, I started looking for something new. I shot the Matthews Z7 extreme, the HeliM, the Hoyt Vicxen, both Hoyt Carbon bows, the PSE Chaos, and several others. (I felt kinda like Goldilocks!) It took a while, but I finally found the one that fit me best. Don't rush into making a decision. I'm biased to Athens, but find what feels best to you!

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    That's my plan. I don't want to get stuck with something I'm not going to like and feel comfortable with. It just wont help me be a better archer at all.

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    I understand your pain in trying to find a bow to "test drive". As a lefty there are few bows in the shops, looking for 40 - 50 lb bow makes it even harder. Our local shop was able to switch out cams for me to try the new Heli-m (right handed). I had a Passion and really liked it but wanted a longer ATA for competition (and I had found out I was left eye dominant and switched over the winter from a righty to a lefty). Have you shot a Jewel or Passion?

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    Not yet but would love to.
    They were surprised they had 3 bows for me to try when I went to the shop. All together I have shot the craze at a local shop, the heartbreaker, the youth bow made by winchester, and I'm thinking maybe it was another bowtech bow that I tried, can't remember. I also bought the only bow I could try at Cabela's, my first bow-Razor Edge.
    I have a hoyt trykon sport on its way here by snail mail.

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    Nice choice MAMA!
    I really like the looks of the Trykon Sport and have heard GREAT things about them as a SD/Ladies bow.
    Guy at the shop his wife/GF shoots one and made some comment like "unfortunately, they stopped making the best women's bow (Trykon Sport).
    I really like the specs on that bow. It is one that I tried to find on Ebay for myself that had 60# when I was looking, and then after I got mine, looked for one for my lil sister, and my friend both of whom I am getting into hunting. Those things are hot commodities, I tell you!

    I shot a Passion the day I shot and fell in love with the Assassin. I didn't feel the difference in smoothness then. The Passion didn't feel as smooth as I expected so I went with the Assassin/HB. I haven't shot the Z7Extreme or Jewel However.
    Hoyt makes a GREAT bow. I think you will enjoy it VERY much!

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    I love the look of the Hoyt bows! I can't wait til it gets in, dying to shoot it. I'm also waiting on some new arrows and hoping to get them cut down to size by Sunday's 3-d. I have 2 left, I sware my son lost or did something to my pink arrows because I had 5 and now I have 1 that has a whole in the vane.
    That's good to know about the Passion, I thought that heartbreaker had a lot of vibration. Surprisingly the youth Winchester was pretty smooth if I remember correctly...especially for a company just starting out making bows.
    Thanks for shring the info on the Trykon Sport, makes me feel good for ordering a bow I've never shot before. I'm taking the lead from my husband. He has about 4-5 bows now and he trades at least 1 every so often just to try out other bows. Excpet he's keeping more and more which has shoved everyone else off the bow hanger we made. We need a house with a bow room now that my collection is growing too...not to mention and indoor area to shoot them.

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    Wife shoots Hoyt RinTec's ,Hoyt Ruckus all are 24 inch draw and 40 - 50 pounds .She tears up 3D courses is a 298 indoor shooter and has harvested P & Y Bucks and has taken Black Bears. The right gear matched to bow and possibilities are endless......DB

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    i bought my wife the bowtech heartbreaker, i was blown away by it, she loves it more than any other womens bow she haas shot!

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