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    Spring planting

    I have a small plot that is way back in our woods (ie doing all labor by hand) and wanted to put in some braasicas this year. Any reccommendations on what to plant there in the mean time or should I just keep spraying round-up every month until ready to plant? I thought about clover, but its not ideal to do a spring planting and I also thought about rye but am unsure if I could overseed with rye or if I would have to turn it over?
    Thanks in advance!

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    If you’re going to plant Brassicas I would strongly suggest continuing the application of Round-up monthly till two weeks prior to planting. You can also plant Clover, yes it is more challenging to seed Clover in the spring but not impossible. The biggest factors are determining the soil temps and moisture content; sun light plays a big role in both. As far as Rye goes; the attraction capabilities of it vary dramatically. I would use this more as a cover crop or an over seeding than for the initial plot itself. Like most legume plant species if the soil is not severely compacted the seed should be able to take root without excessive tillage. Something I would try in that area would be Brassica, with a light over seeding of Wheat or Oats. Then if you want to switch the plot for the next year into a perennial you can over seed it later this fall (Sept/Early Oct) with clover. Ground temps need to remain about 55 degrees. I hope this was helpful and be sure to let us know how things worked out. You can check our page for more information.

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    I would get your lime spread and keep hitting it with round up. I would get the brassicas planting by august.

    Good luck and keep us updated.

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    Agreed, keep preping the plot, and get your lime in now. If it is back in woods, most likely very acidic. Brassicas do not like acid soil. Dont waist your time with planting something in mean time unless you can get clover to grow well, and have ability to till it under when planting brassicas to get the nitrogen from it.

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    Check out the Fall Foundation plot that is stickied at the top of this forum.

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