No one shooting??


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    No one shooting??

    Come on guys, aint no one doin any shooting???
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    Whats up Mr. Crew Chief. I shoot, and in Bossier City at that. R U gonna hunt on base this year?

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    I don't know if either of you fellas have heard of Bayou Bucks, but that is a great site with a bunch of Louisiana 3-D shoots. It has a "Forum" section much like AT. I am a member. Ya'll check it out.

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    Agreed on the bayou bucks. Lake Charles shooter here

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    jalanclos, are you a member of the Lake Charles Archery Club? I live in Moss Bluff.

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    I'm not, but I'm making the shoot next saturday in westlake.

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    I'm Bear_Bowhunter on bayou bucks

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    I go by BigLurch on BB also. Did you shoot at the 4/14 3-D?

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