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Thread: stacks or straight pipe

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    stacks or straight pipe

    hey guys i was wondering what would sound better on my 1988 f150 stacks or straight pipes?

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    straight pipes, imo stacks look tacky
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    On an F150, just go straight pipe, and dual it out for a better look out the back.

    The only way Stacks are going to look right is out of a diesel truck. Single 7" off centered in the bed level with the cab, or Dual 6" off the sides.
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    Any gas motor with stacks is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.

    Stacks are for diesels, however, I have a straight pipe comin out in front of my right rear tire on my duramax because I didnt want to cut holes in my bed and void my Linex warranty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meister View Post
    Any gas motor with stacks is absolutely ridiculous.
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    Straight, Like they said Stacks are for Diesels!
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    Duals either out the back or out the side
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    put some flow's and dump it!!!
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