How do you archive pms to clear up room in you pm box


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    How do you archive pms to clear up room in you pm box

    My pm box is getting full I dont want to delete yet how do I archive pms

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    It's a bit tricky, but.. basically you have to go to your UserCP and select 'my messages' either inbox, outbox, saved messages or any other folder you may have created. If you start with your inbox, click on inbox and then you can select the messages that you want to 'archive'. You can select a whole page at a time by checking the box just above the list of pms. You can select across multiple pages also. When you have completed the selection process, click the 'selected messages' drop down at the very bottom of the page and from there you can choose how you would like to download them. It's been a while since I've done it, but if I remember correctly you don't have to go back and delete them after downloading, but then again, I could be wrong..

    Remember your sent items folder will often contain as many as your inbox folder, so you may want to download those as well..
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