Any opinions on gold?


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    Any opinions on gold?

    Any gold gurus on here with opinions?
    Is it still a good investment or has the rally fizzled?

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    Up until after Isreal and Iran conflict is over Etf GLD until then then short with DZZ

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    i buy all i can. And it goes in a SD box
    Decree Ti

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    I suggest buy GLD unless you don't pay a prem.........and also suggest do it in a Roth IRA account

    so U don't have to pay collectors Tax when you sell.

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    It may have topped out.
    Hunting: 10% skill and 90% location.

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    Gold has not topped out. It is in a consolidation period to about June.Long term estimates for price is in the $5,000 to $10,000 an ounce range by 2015-2017. We are in a Sovereignty Debt Crisis with no end in sight witch will destroy money. Central Banks around the world are buying Gold by the tons as reserves and are dumping the Dollar. Western thinking will only fail many people in this country. In 6000 years NO Gov't has ever paid back their debt and defaulted except Romania in 1980, at a cost of a massive depression. You should have a core position of Gold in physical form, outside of the Banking system and only use paper Gold as short term trading to accumulate more physical gold. The US is already in the process of confiscating 401K, If you want to risk putting paper gold in you're 401K or IRA's, you should think twice. As we get closer to the peak of this crisis Gov't will be sucking every last penny from people, in the form of taxes, fine, etc, for the sole purpose of servicing the Debt. Interest rate are going to stay this low to at least 2014 as per the Federal Reserve. Gold is a hedge against this Debt crisis and the destruction of money. The Equity market will probably rise for the same reasons, to protect capital against inflation.

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    Since AT only give you 2 min to edit your post, I have to add another. Some links of interest. The first one discusses the Central Banks buying of Gold. The second gives you what the future will hold, based on 6000 years of Economic history and his extensive experience.

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    Here's another links for the Demand for Gold. Long term, Higher prices. Gold topped out, Rolling on the floor LMFAO.

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    Here a Forbes article on Gold for Oil and Countries refusal to comply with the dictators in DC. They are dumping the Dollar by the billions, which means less demand for it which in turn means less purchasing power which will cause higher inflation. Inflation is running near 5-7% a year, Gov't Stats (CPI) are not correct due how they track things. Currencies are like shares of companies, they rise and fall based on how they are managed, well the Dollar is falling, so that tells you what the world thinks how the US is doing.

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    This is what drives Gold, Physical ownership, not GLD, ETF or Futures market. The physical market drives the price based on demand and is the reason Gold will continue to go higher and higher.

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    How Wall Street Killed Financial Reform

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    Mirror Mirror On The Wall We Are Socialist After all!!

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    There is only two ways this can be resolved. 1) A massive devaluation of the US Dollar to repay in cheaper dollars, which in turn will cause massive inflation or 2) Default. So it goes back to, No Gov't has ever paid back their debt in 6000 years and borrow perpetually with no intention of paying anything back.

    United States Budget Dilemma

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    William K. Black is a former US regulator that prosecuted and jailed 2000 people from the Savings and loan scandal. He is now a professor of Economics and law. Just Google him to get his Bio. Here is a video of him talking about the case involving JPM and the 2 billion dollar lose that tax payers will have to cover.!

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    One topic that I always find interesting is the understanding and the concept of money and currencies. Since most Americans have only known the US Dollar, they do not fully understand what money is. Since the end of WW2 we have enjoyed the US Dollar being the worlds reserve currency and haven't had to experience a change in currency, where the world has. When the reset comes, Americans are going to be broadsided and not knowing how to protect themselves will incur massive loses.

    For instance, most people believe interest rates are set by the Federal Reserve, when in fact the market is what sets rates. Like any other commodity money's value and interest rates rises and falls based on demand. The higher demand for a currency the stronger the currency and higher the interest rates and vis-visa. The only way the Fed can effect or control rates is to go into the market with more money and go long or short that currency. Obviously the Fed does not have all that money so they have to print it (what a surprise). At this time they have no choice because each tick up in short term bond rates, the closer the US comes to implode on its debt. So more printing = weaker Dollar and higher inflation. Oh, BTW the Fed has, is and will continue to be in the market.

    Since Gold has always been an asset that preserved wealth and capital, it is only wise to have some or all wealth converted into Gold (preferably in Physical form so there is no counterparty risk) and it also would make the transition to the new system much more seamless, if the need arises.

    Just a Thought in iMHO

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    Gold up today at the time of this writing $67 and from the low $80. Looks like break out time.

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    I made a killing on a Natural Gas ETN last week. I DOUBLED my money in a week and sold it. You gotta know when to roll and when to go. I only wish I had started with double.

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