The Kong is New to Bowhunting in South Carolina


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    The Kong is New to Bowhunting in South Carolina

    Hey everyone!

    The name people call me by is "Kong"; don't ask why, it's a looooong story.

    I just recently got off of smoking cigarettes and finally decided that it was time to expand my horizons in hunting and sports; for some time I have been wondering what to get a rifle or to use a bow...I have always felt that using a gun means that the animal has a far, far less chance of survival, meaning that I have an unfair advantage against the animal (please keep in mind that this is MY personal opinion, and I do still plan on getting a rifle in a few years just to have one as a backup if my bow season is looking very grim), so I decided instead to get into Archery and bow hunting. I'm very very new at this; I have hunted before in New York when I was much younger, using a rifle, and had pretty great aim, but now I want a challenge and I want to get back into shape. I feel that archery will definately not only help me get back into shape, but also be extremely fun and rewarding, especially when I get to take down my first buck, turkey, or hog (hopefully with a new friend!).

    I was able to recieve a gift from my wife today: a new 2012 PSE Stinger G3 bundle pack, 30" Draw, 61lbs draw strength, and I was able to try it with a few shots...I instantly fell in love with it and can't wait to take it out to a range and practice, practice, practice. I am on my way to being ready to do some hunting and hopefully some compeditive shooting with a bow; something I've only dreamed of doing since I was a little kid. I have no formal instruction, only some tips I've recieved from the retailer, a short video, and tips from online. I'm hoping I can figure this out, or else I'll be looking for a coach very soon (which I wouldn't mind anyways, always better to have an experienced shooter helping you along the way).

    I'm hoping to meet a lot of people on here, and hopefully a lot of locals on here as well. As the post say's, I'm in South Carolina, north eastern parts in the great Grand Strand to be more exact. I have met a few local archers and some local archery shops, and hope that I can tag along with some of them on their trips, or possibly even just hang with them at the archery range; get to meet some new faces, make some great friendships, and experience some great bow hunting!

    Hope to talk to many of you soon, and thanks for the opportunity to post on these forums!

    -The Kong-

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    Welcome! Don't be afraid to ask questions, we all started somewhere!

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    Will be in Myrtle Beach in 2 weeks for a few days
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