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    Feb 2010
    Oxford, Ohio
    I like this Thread. Makes you wonder what guys think they shoot over what they actually shoot. A trad bow that is.
    5'10" 27.5" draw and hey I wear Camo Jacket n a Large.

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    Apr 2003
    central new york state
    6ft 2 in chest 50 2 xl trad bow 28 inch compound bow 29 inch draw...
    SOB (Sweet Old Bill) Bill Olmesdahl
    Sand Dune archery club MB SC,
    Gibertville rod and Gun NY,
    Seniors archery 3D/ hunt Oneonta NY

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    6'0" 29 DL, 42L jacket

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    Jan 2004
    Formerly the great COWBOY state of Wyoming. Now, in the frozen north of Fairbanks Alaska
    Not sure of my jacket size but I'm 5'9" and draw 26.5"

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    May 2006
    Altamont NY
    5'9" sz48jacket 28"dl

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    Mar 2008
    SE Oklahoma
    5'9.. 27 dl

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    6'6" - 32 draw - no clue on jacket


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    Aug 2003
    LI. NY
    Guys -

    OK, most people here are falling in the normal range of draw lengths.

    Assuming a normally proportioned body, draw length is a function of arm length and shoulder girth (hence the question about jacket size). Again, assuming a relatively standard anchor.

    Most GUYS in the 5'9" - 5'10" range will be drawing about 28 - 29"; 6' or some 29 - 30" and so on. A 6'6" guys will most likely be around 32 - 33". Are these absolutes? Of course not. What I do see a lot in the "trad" world are guys drawing well under where they should be, due to being over bowed or just using poor form. I still take that as giving up free horse power. In addition, not reaching full extension, usually means poor alignment and that results and inefficient and inconsistent releases / follow-throughs.

    "Full draw" should be an end point of sorts, meaning it's the limit of your comfort range, based on your build and anchor, while having best possible alignment / bone support.

    It does seem that most guys here are doing just that.

    For the 6'6" guys or those with a 50+ jacket size and 28" draw, while that might be where you're supposed to be, using a mirror or video taping yourselves might be revealing. Just a thought.

    Viper1 out.
    “Simple and innocent, however, as it (the bow) appears, and capable as it is of being a trusty friend and ally, a bow is at the same time a watchful enemy, ready to take advantage of the smallest slight.”

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