Need Help Finding an Old Thread - Pic of a NICE indoor 3d range


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    Need Help Finding an Old Thread - Pic of a NICE indoor 3d range

    Looking for some help from the AT community. Awhile back (maybe a few months tops) there was a thread. Not sure what it had to do with but the thread had a picture of a guys indoor 3d range. I think it was a personal range too. Wow. Was very nice (like top end) with targets out to some good yardage, good lighting, had bag targets weaved throughout the foam targets for your known distance shooting, It was probably the nicest indoor 3d setup Ive seen.

    I can't rememeber if it was one of those "man cave threads" or "indoor 3 range picture threads". I've searched for both and several combinations but can't find the thread I'm looking for.

    Anyone else remember this? I know....needle in a haystack.

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    Not it, but thanks for the reply.

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    Yes! Thank you DXTCLUE

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