BowHunting/Archery Clubs?


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    BowHunting/Archery Clubs?

    Hey everyone, Kong here.

    I figured this would be a great place for those of us in South Carolina to be able to post where we are located and to see if anyone can help to find Hunting Clubs, Archery Clubs, Bowhunting Clubs, etc. I myself, being brand new to the entire bowhunting scene would LOVE to be able to have a compiled resource that will provide information for all of us to gain information on where we can find these clubs close by. It would be a great way to meet new faces, be able to make great friendships, and find buddies to hunt with or even just simply do some archery practice with.

    I dont' really know of any in my area, other than a practice range in Socastee, SC called Sandunes Archery Club, and another practice range and shop in Longs, SC called 3-G Archery.

    I'm in Longs, near Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Loris, and Conway. I'm also close by to Callabash, NC (but that's in NC). I would love to know of some hunting clubs/lodges that have property around to go hunt on, or even just meet some other hunters, myself.

    So if you know ANY bowhunting clubs, hunting clubs, archery clubs, or outdoorsman clubs, go ahead and post links here (or even links to sites) but please make a note to state where they are located at so that one doesn't need to spend an hour or two figuring out where they are.

    Thanks everyone!

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    There is a few WMA hunting lands near you . Do you go to the friday night league at 3-g ? I am going this friday , have not been the past 2 . Name is richard and i shoot PSE bows , I can go over where they are at with you . Might even be able to take you to a farm i get to hunt near loris off of hwy 9 .

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    MBmadness is these shoots going on in Jan Feb and Mar and were is this indoor setup located ????
    SOB (Sweet Old Bill) Bill Olmesdahl
    Sand Dune archery club MB SC,
    Gibertville rod and Gun NY,
    Seniors archery 3D/ hunt Oneonta NY

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