Travis T-Bone Turner chat transcript from the 03/14/12 Featured Chat!!


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    Thumbs up Travis T-Bone Turner chat transcript from the 03/14/12 Featured Chat!!

    The chat may seem short in this post, but believe me, it was highly edited. There was a lot of casual chatting and back and forth banter. I selected the most clear questions and answers that I could....Fasst

    A HUGE thanks to JHENS87 for copying and tracking the entire chat. That was the only way we could make this transcript possible and I know he was working super hard!

    Thanks to 20ftup and EASTON94 for everything that did in the chat last night as well!

    Tee-Bone I’m ready yawl please be patient. I’m a redneck and I got fat fingers so I don’t type real fast! LOL And also this is wildlife management and food plots, but by all means we welcome archery questions too. And before we start, a big thanks to Evolved Harvest and Wildgame Innovations
    Colorado is having a debate on whether or not to allow lighted nocks used for hunting. Do you think these help or hinder in the pursuit of game recovery?

    Tee-Bone I think all states should allow lighted nocks, it aids in RECOVERING game, not the chase, and the deal is to recover.

    I no longer have the luxury of large private land areas at this time if you could only put in one small food plot area , what would be your choice to attract deer ... I simply need to stop them as I currently hunt a crossing area between farms

    Tee-Bone It depends what region you’re in, but as far as an attracting killing plot that produces tonnage of food that they like, I like Oats. Up north some brassicas like rape and turnips are good too, because they produce a lot, and work well when the temp drops and sugar content rises. Oats, or some of the evolved blends are perfect.

    My question for you brother: Is forage, shelter or proximity to water the most important factor when looking for a piece of property to lease for hunting deer in the Midwest where food is for the most part bountiful nearly everywhere?

    Tee-Bone In the Midwest I would say cover and timber are the most important things to look for when land shopping in Midwest

    I tried the T3's this year while home on leave, took a nice doe with them, she went about 80yds to the bottom of the ravine and took a dirt nap. I like the toughness of the T3's but I’m interested in the new G5 Havocs. The spider clips are a bit tricky and gave me some trouble trying to get set correctly. The new Havoc seems to have taken some of the Rage flaws in blade retention and corrected them. Which would you recommend the Havoc, or T3's?

    Tee-Bone They are both good heads, but just like the T3 commercial says, I still believe in the T3’s for all the reasons in the commercial, chunk not a sliver. The havoc, is there for those who want a lot better rage.

    What do you think about the hunting in GA? I think it is awful and our bag limits could not be any worse. Do you have an opinion on this?

    Tee-Bone I have seen the numbers of deer I usually see go down in GA in the last few years, but the antler sizes have really gotten good and killing 12 deer is sweet. That’s a lot of slickheads for the freezer!

    Hi T-Bone! Ok my question is...can I use minerals early in the year or do I have to wait until the season begins? Or does it vary from state to state? And how many would you recommend for a 30 acre plot? (I’m in South Carolina)

    Tee-Bone I would have minerals out all year, but for sure make sure they get sweetened up in January. From Jan until Oct is when the deer need the nutrients. When deer have fat and minerals, it helps their bodies with the stress they go thru in fall. The sooner they can put on weight, the sooner it relives the body stress, and so the minerals can go to antler growth and does can use nutrients to nurse healthy fawns.

    In buying property in the Midwest, which state would you favor? Thanks

    Tee-Bone Probably KS, and then Iowa second.

    When looking at trail cameras on a budget, I tend to go for trigger speed over battery life or megapixel...If you were on a budget how would you approach trail cam choices??Also I have a small semi out in the open field under 1 acre...Is it feasible to spray round up, and use a NO TILL type seed? If so what would work best in east central Ohio? Also I have a small semi out in the open field under 1 acre...Is it feasible to spray round up, and use a NO TILL type seed? If so what would work best in east central Ohio?

    Tee-Bone Battery life, features and trigger speed, that’s the order. I have a trick that I use that takes the need for super-fast trigger speeds out. Position the cameras 5 to 6 feet off the ground and angle it down. That away it insures anything that triggers you WILL get a picture of it.

    How many trail cams do you run per acre of ground to keep track of your mature bucks?

    Tee-Bone Wow that all depends. Usually 3 or 4 cameras, but if I lived on a large farm in the Midwest I would run A LOT. Trail cameras are so important, great for inventory, plus it aides in the pride factor.

    What’s a nice drought resistant food plot that will grow in a small plot in the woods without irrigation? I’m in southern NC and hunt upstate SC as well. I also appreciate the YouTube “how to” videos. They are simple and helped my daughter a lot.

    Tee-Bone Clovers work pretty good , and can be drought tolerant , however if the PH levels are good, Chicory is very hearty and is high protein , deep roots and is a perennial to last several years. But the PH needs to be above 6.2. It takes lots of lime to get that.

    Hey bone! How do you all keep the food plots you plant so healthy looking and pure looking every year and what are some tips to getting them to grow back like that when planted every year?

    Tee-Bone The number one thing is to have Your PH right, the rest is just pure maintenance, we are fortunate to have tractors, but they can be done with ATVS on a budget for killing plots also. Chicory is an awesome perennial.

    Thanks Bone for taking the time to be will us tonight first off! Do you like to hunt over large plots given a choice or would you like smaller plots, say 1/4 Acre? If smaller what would your favorite setup be to harvest a Whitetail deer during Prerut?

    Tee-Bone I do like the smaller kill plots just off of the bedding, catch old sad daddy sliding out to get a bite early evening and of course Pre Rut. They work to calls and also decoys and are able to pattern them. When rut hits you see a lot but it is very scattered and hard to stop them.

    When bowhunting pines and aspens what would elk/deer prefer most for food?

    Tee-Bone Well I have only hunted aspens once, but pines I have hunted. Food plots in them are good, but if you mean natural vegetation I like crab apples and persimmons that may be scattered. Or honeysuckle

    What is the best way to start managing a property??? And what is the best early season strategy??

    Tee-Bone Trail cameras for inventory, aerial maps for stand strategy and food plot placement or bait site. And for sure evaluate your neighbors, and base a lot of placements based on approach and prevailing winds.

    Hi Travis! The hubby wants to know if you think no plow products really work.

    Tee-Bone Well the no plow stuff does work, and is better than nothing, BUT let’s be honest nothing is gonna beat plowing the earth deep for aeration and water retention. But if it’s all you can do BY all means do it and it works.

    What seed do you recommend for turkey/deer in southern IL? Also, where's the best spot to put a T3 into an old gobbler?

    Tee-Bone The Evolved Bones and Beards offer a full season of turkey and deer plot. As for the turkey and T3 try for where the wing attaches, or if he is strutting right up the butt.

    Okay T-bone as you know most keyboard archers claim of groups the size of a dime at 40yds, however you and I both know that its ludicrous or they would be professionals. Most are lucky to have a pie sized group at that range, for the average archer what is the effective range for an ETHICAL and guaranteed killing shot?

    Tee-Bone Well there is NO Guarantee kill range because deer will feed the best archers humble pie regularly. BUT I would say if you can maintain 5 to 6 inch groups consistently, at whatever range then I say shoot but be cautious of animals temperament.

    Tee what was your favorite past time? (with father,g-pa..etc.) with hunting and fishing etc?

    Tee-Bone I like anything doing with tractors, Diesel therapy, and I like riding ATVS too, just bought a 750 king quad last week, really fast, too fast!

    T Bone can you tell us a joke?

    Tee-Bone What do you get when you cross a rhino and an elephant…………… ELE IF I NO !!

    Thanks to T-bone for chatting with us, and for Evolved Harvest and Wildgame Innovations for making this chat possible….Fasst!!!

    Tee-Bone Good night. Thank you all for your support of BC, the outdoors and archery, please email Evolved Harvest and tell them thanks...Thank you guys, good night!

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    Thanks for posting this. I missed the chat with T-Bone because of my work schedule so this transcript is much appreciated.

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    Uh, oh...the Sad Daddy term has returned!

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    Just what I figured - Travis Turner is an educated young man who knows how to write as well as knowing a thing or two about agriculture and bowhunting. The way he structured his responses shows a lot to me.
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