Strings and cable set prices:

Binary Cam System: $94.75 TYD

2 Cam System (And overdrive binary): $106.75 TYD

1.5 Cam System: $100.75 TYD

Single Cam System: $85.75 TYD

Monster/Yoke System (1 string, 2 controls, 2 yokes): $116.75 TYD

**Add $4 for colored serving, but no upcharge for custom colors

** These prices are for both 452x AND VTX

Single String Prices
(Following prices are not including shipping)

Single cam string- $47.00
1.5/2 cam string- $36.00
Control Cable- $26.00
Y-Cable- $32.00
Floating Y-Cable- $36.00

Vaportrail Crossbow/Traditional/Misc Prices:

Crossbow String- $32.50
Crossbow Y-cable- $35.00
Crossbow Control Cable- $33.00
Recurve String- $32.50
Teardrop String- $18.00
Yokes- $11.00

Limbdriver Prices:

Limbdriver Pro (Black)- $106.74 TYD
Limbdriver Pro (APG or Lost)- $121.75 TYD
Limbdriver Pro (Custom Color)- $121.74 TYD

Limbdriver Pro-V (Black with Red or Black Arm)- $136.74 TYD
Limbdriver Pro-V (Black with custom color arm when available)- $141.74 TYD
Limbdriver Pro-V (All custom color, when available, extended shipping time)- $146.74 TYD
Limbdriver Pro-V Mathews-Only Mount (Lost camo or All Black)- $141.74 TYD

Limb Pad (Any color): $5
Shelf Pad (Any color): $8.99
Limbdriver Pro Launcher Blade (Hunter, Capture, Target)- $6
Limbdriver Limb Attachment (Split, Solid)- $5

3/16" Peep Sights (Black/Pink)- $8.99

String Bats (4 pack, any color)- $8.99

Teflon Cable Slide (White)- $15.00

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