Scientists build graphene from scratch, from subatomic particles


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    Scientists build graphene from scratch, from subatomic particles

    This is really cool. Building up entirely new materials by manipulating subatomic particles.

    Stanford University and the Department of Energy have meddled around with the very fabric of reality and created the very first “designer electrons.”
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    Now that's real science, using the scientific method.
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    That is pretty cool. Probably just me but the 1st thing I thought of were bike(human powered) frames. I remember when the industry was trying to "honeycomb" carbon & titanium. Then I thought of arrows then of course bow risers.
    However, think of the possible efficiency increases that could be realized in energy transfer(as mentioned in the article); this could really give a boost to the "green energy" fields. How about lowering the weight of vehicles while still providing the safety & features that we seem to demand while still delivering exceptional mpg and such.

    this is really interesting.
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    Meh, call me when they. An snap their fingers & create life.

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