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    Low light plot

    What seeds work well for areas with low light and acidic soil? I'm going to be prepping and putting down some lime in a couple of areas that are semi-opened and i'm trying to find what seed works best under those conditions.
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    None. I have a field, well, two fields separted by a row of trees. Yields on the east side of the tree line are 40% less because of the shade the trees cast. But, its not life or death. Try some easy to grow clovers.

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    Per discussion w/ wildlife biologist. there is (1) one, Uno type of clover thta will grow in the shade. But I can't remember which one ]he said it was lol. Google would find it.
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    Nothing will grow well in the shade. Get in there with a chainsaw (if possible) and open it up so there is more sunlight. With enough sunlight and lime you will be able to grow anything.

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    I agree. More sunlight the better. I experimented a little in the woods with not much light at all/ spotty and things came up great until the leaves filled out on the trees and that was it for them plants.

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