2000 Ford Ranger XLT - White Smoke Exhaust


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    2000 Ford Ranger XLT - White Smoke Exhaust

    My ford ranger has a few seconds of white smoke come out of the exhaust when first started up. It also has a bit of fluid. The original owner said that he thought the head gasket was bad because of the smoke. I have yet to see the smoke he was talking about, just the little bit at startup. Spark plugs look fine, no loss of coolant, no overheating, and no water in oil. What would cause this if not the head gasket? Thanks

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    I'm no mechanic but had an old Chevy that did that only at start up and it was from the valve guides/seals... didn't hurt a thing either. Drove it that way for years

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    worn rings cause this also,it happens with older vehicles or ones that have some mileage i should say
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    head was cracked. got a head at the local junk yard for $60 and its running great now.

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